Gordoa/McNab/Myburgh – Passive Transport

Artists: Gordoa/McNab/Myburgh
title: Passive Transport
format: CD / Digital
keywords: experimental, improvisation,Melbourne
label: Shame File Music

Spike Train is coming across like a mesmerizing trip that slowly but surely takes the listener to a different zone. It starts easy, pleasantly given the listeners something to slowly get used to new sounds. The trick is that these small sound snippets form the portal to a state of audio bliss, carefully paving the way for a slide into lala-land.

With the right direction the soundscape brings soft kindness, strange bleeps and fluffy crackles of warmth into the hearing sections. When these sounds carefully opened the ears ready to take more unexplained stuff in, the track becomes a prominent force inside the listener’s skull. The sound of slight doom brews underneath it all like a collider that provides the other higher sounds of constructive nerves and heftiness, a perfect base to flow upon.

These strange sounds, squeaky, bleepy, and perhaps even freaky; come in such a nice balance of interesting material, and originality that the whole scene is becoming one of wonder. A strange thing as on their own these tones and audio materials might be dangerous materials, but how it is arranged and brought out in togetherness within this release it’s a case of ultimate pleasantness.

Even the higher tones that ring the eardrums like mysterious night creatures high on caffeine become a pleasant sound activity to hear and chill out upon. The whole scenery within this soundscape is one that feels strangely as if we have been seduced to a place in which the audio controller can do whatever it wants and it will all sound beautiful and interesting.

And it becomes more and more beautiful; establishing an ambience that is warm and easy upon the hearing range. Something to lay down with and feel good about; a work of seduction, that is worth to be seduced by.

Myelin Sheath is the next level of passive transportation, taking it definitely a step further with the high tones at the beginning. Once the ears have been altered and adjusted to slip a new world of audio works in; the listening listener gets treated with a sound world of wealth. A rhythmic mysterious cozy warmth of delight, mystifying the ears like an amazing yoga session for the mind, clearly coloring the head in with the deepest and prettiest tones that might get someone into the scenery of mental enlightenment.

Once this goad has reached its peak, the music on this release kindly settles down, providing a perfect trip of fascinating movements of freshly done sound material that leaves anyone with a mind totally in a state of guessing. Everything sounds so perfect, beautifully planned and yet there is no way anyone can predict any further than a micro second within this atmospheric sound trip.

The seduction of wonder, of not knowing what to expect, of not having an idea what will happen next is something that a functioning brain will be overwhelmed by, but also probably would be very receptive and appreciated about it. There aren’t many music releases like this around, carefully well-crafted to get the listener’s mind out to another dimension, in which everything is unpredictable and yet it comes across as the place to let it all go and flow.

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