M↯Z – Heavenly Journey

Artist: M↯Z
title: Heavenly Journey
cat: N000002
keywords: abstract, ambient, single
label: Merzlabel http://vk.com/merzlabel

If you are perhaps a single who is clear, tall, to the point, loud and in search for another single to team up with, it might be recommended to go on a date with M↯Z’s Heavenly Journey. Not just because it’s a single that is available and sincerely waiting for your companionship; it’s also a case of opposites attracts! And if you fitted the description described in my first sentence, you will probably be the opposite of this lovely single that is all about being abstract, short and pretty much ambient.

The two opposite singles will be a perfect match, and if you are that single; then I wish you good luck and fortune, as M↯Z’s Heavenly Journey is a date you won’t want to escape and pass onto another single member of society. However, if you feel like it, it is in fact a possibility… as there are enough M↯Z’s Heavenly Journeys for all the to the point, clear, and anti-ambient singles out there! I could even say it’s an infinitive amount!

Feel free to challenge your luck, and date this single over at the following link:

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