The Little Xs – Teacher Gave Me

Artist: The Little Xs
title: Teacher Gave Me
keywords: experimental pong disjointed elephants food idgaf love pong rushed six weird Point Cook

The sweet sweetness of a sexy sax, a big eighties kick and a middle finger in the shape of a lame piano bit! These are a couple of the festive instant elements that this release hypes the place up with. I don’t know about you, but I’m all energized and wearing my brightest and tightest spandex costume in order to dance upon the fresh action!

The Little Xs is what we are talking about, baby. And not so much about the music makers, but more about the actual music that is captured here. You might have high expectations when tuning into this release, and a very good thing is that The Little Xs is giving exactly that!

There is also a track bringing a conversation about ‘Three Dollar Reefers’, there is some extra electronic sound slid underneath it, making it an exciting piece in which you feel like finding reefers and rolling them up with something delicious inside. All for the sake of listening, of course!

Than the main attraction is being served, a song similar named as the release itself ‘Teacher Gave Me’. This brings the delicate sound of the tambourine and a bob Ross sound-a-like painting happy things. If it’s anything that a teacher would give, it’s that sunday afternoon feeling.

Man vs Fresh is the next tune, popping around on an easy going four by four beat, affordable bass line and a sound sample that would make this work into one that could fit nicely under some deodorant advertisement.

Then there is ‘pip’ which seems to be one piece that could be separated in to two. The first part is a bit of a improvised lucrative sounding easy going mess. Someone is blowing and spitting in some bottle, a rhythm ticker for recording purposes ticks nicely on the background and some other music device is being played like a fisher fishing on its day off. The second part however does sound more organized, with a poetic voice carefully describing a exciting game of Pong on top of a smooth music piece for recreational purposes.

The little Xs proofs with these tracks that it’s not only about the music, but also about the stories and the delivering of these special stories. With ‘Rockly’ the listening audience at home gets treated with a surrealistic one featuring our hero Rockly, who certainly knows what place to keep his favorite marker…

The last track starts with a laugh and followed by a warm welcome. From here we might get a bit sweaty from an experimental dance session in which you might bring your own cane for happy slapping. The little Xs serves up a reason to celebrate in a minimal form with frustrated ducks, pounding club moments, that horny horn and of course the climax of our final fantasy.

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