Vziel Projet – Cancer Paradigm

artist: Vziel Projet
title: Cancer Paradigm
keywords: abstract, chiptune
label: Genetic Trance

Experimental music is something to jump up and down for, and sometimes with the right track you’ll be able to do just that in a specific time and space. The ‘unquote’ is such a track, clearly giving that tempo to follow with every elegant bounce, while also kindly terrorizing the ears with sublime frequencies.

‘Handheld’ is one that doesn’t go for that jump for joy feeling, but one that feels to be made to stretch upon. The sounds provided are clearly pulled out of proportion, stretched out to become disfigured and challenging; perfect material for a sportive spotter at a gym to stretch its muscles with.

Then there is ‘miscue’ a cute moment for all of us happy bunch to hold hands and be smiley about. Here the artist provides a playful cute sounding Merry melody, slightly playing around with the lovely effects, taking the whole thing out for a nice walk out of the box before coming back to the cuteness of the beginning. So cute, you just want to squeeze it.

After sunshine comes the rain and after cuteness there is black metal. The one provided here is electronic and slowly shivering around in order for nobody to notice the lack of guitars and satanic verses. Don’t tell anyone… But I think it still sounds cute! Even though my dog doesn’t seen to be a big fan of the high sounds within this track. The same counts for the work named ‘butterfly’ which is a nice collection of sounds that at times are fuzzy & at other times resemble the high notes coming out of a dog’s whistle.

And as if the artist had thought about it, there is ‘Dog’ on the menu. Or not really, but the next track is named ‘Dog’. My dog isn’t a fan, still looking very pissed off on the high tones that come out of the speaker. The feeling of ‘Dog’ as a track is one that makes me think of a chiwawa; happy wiggling tiny tail, gigantic eyes popping out of its tiny skull and carefully tucked away in a rich girls handbag.

The next track is ‘taxi’ which made me think of an old school version of Frogger but than from a pixelated taxi perspective. It’s a modern taxi, clearly using a neath board computer kindly beeping away with high notes for perfect damage to customers ears.

Functional Speleology is another joyful exploration of the highest order, forcing me to lower the volume in order to remove the blatant frown from my dog’s face. He is clearly not a fan of these high sounds, but as you and me are possible not equipped with sensitive dog ears, you might think different about it. And with the end of ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’ the real life dog over here is getting relieved from the reviewing session… The smile on its face is priceless, what a relief!


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2 Responses to Vziel Projet – Cancer Paradigm

  1. linda says:

    I do partly agree with the dog. The taxi, part of speleologi and part of veni vidi vici were a bit too harsh on my ears. Up until taxi 4, I had no problems and enjoyed it very much.

  2. kainobuko says:

    Woof! 😀

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