Undecisive God – A Vinyl Construction

Artist: Undecisive God
title: A Vinyl Construction
keywords: experimental, turntablism, noise , Melbourne
label: Shame File Music

Made with broken records turning around on record players and once released on vinyl itself, is this spurious sounding release by this Undecisive God.
Leaving the concept for what it is & purely listening to the sounds of this work and it still keeps its feet firm on the ground. The tracks are dense, heavy, yet warm and polite. They have all the elements of needles slipping over the vinyl, producing rhythmic cute slippery sliding parrot sounds, while the rest of the entire content is crunching bombastically like a broken speaker with a twisted smile.

It’s pretty neat, making me think back to the time that I visited some friends who took care of a wild bird who had decided to stay with them; the feathered animal was very loud in its enthusiastic sounds, and the only way to make the visit possible without ruining the capacity of hearing was simply by stuffing the ears with lots of tissue. This muffled feeling of sound on this record brings back this memorable moment, as it sounds just as muffled and protective as these tissues stuffed in both sides of my skull.

The big difference is here that the parrot sounds are just a small amount of the release, clearly focussing more on the warmth and repetition of the nice needle cracks, the warm muffled noises and repetition of the all-round clicks of the locked vinyl. The longer you hear it, the nicer it seems to become, even out of nowhere sliding in some vocals that you probably won’t expect at all. Children voices that are singing in your left ear… A better sign of vinyl, broken youth and pretty listening material is possible unavailable, so better check it out at the following link and hear it all for yourself. Be careful to put any tissue stuffed in your ears out, as it might obstruct your listening session:

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