66ExeterSt – Fearful

artist: 66ExeterSt
title: Fearful
keywords: experimental electronic experimental techno industrial noise post apocalyptic post-industrial spooky tech house techno zombie apocalypse South Carolina
abel: Radioactive Wastelands http://radioactivewastelands.blogspot.com/

Today I’m in my reviewers office to listen to an EP by 66ExeterSt . I’m not getting paid to do this, and it comes with obvious high risks; but somehow someone has to do the job. So with this in mind, I pressed start and than this happened:

...and the Monster Melted started to bang through the loud loudspeakers, a solid banger of a rhythm that follows a flow that makes people into tumbling rave lords with warrior capabilities. This feeling becomes even more grotesque with some fine additional accentuation in light drum form; it really gets into the system of a listener, making you feel a bit like discovering an euphoric awakening of a wash machine monster that slowly brings in all it’s monster friends for a marching parade.

When this feeling really started to realizes itself in the form of a irresistible rhythmic groove, the speakers in my reviewers office started to walk and wobble by themselves. They had grown large monstrous feet rabbit in robust sport shoes for a fit marching procedure. I had no choice to join the parade of speakers and felt the inner techno monster within shimmering to really indulge in this good time interactive dance-walk-listening session.

Because of a lack of sport and other healthy practices it was good that there became rest in the matching speakers. Now it was time for ‘The Dead Are No Longer Lonely’ which started with some voice which would return a couple of times to inform that ‘no one would be safe’. And underneath and in between rhythmic hints would proceed to enter the output of the audio system, but instead of going straight for it; a creepy smooth synth baseline started to flourish…. Here my professional reviewers neck began to shake and bounce as the rhythmic hints would reappear to check out what was going on. And then it became clear; the end was attending! Not the end of the world, but the end of the track.

To celebrate the release shoved a track named ‘Dingoes Ate My Baby‘ through the speakers. This time they didn’t march around, but I climbed on top of them and used them as a stage to wiggle my bum. With both my reviewer’s hands i waved in the air, almost touching the ceiling. Automatic dance moves took over my human systems as the ears got nicely filled with a variation of melodic bleeps and a easy to pound upon piece of dance rhythm.

I stayed upon these speakers and lifted my reviewers shirt just enough to showcase my belly. There was no other way to move to Panaphobia than with an exposed belly button. The music was like a fakir playing the flute to a rising snake, except that there was no fakir or flute and we as the listener might be the snake. The electronic smooth kicking groove and electronic synthetic melody felt perfect to do a improvised form of belly dancing upon, and as a professional reviewer I tested this out till the fullest of my capabilities.

The sexy belly dancing music must have also fallen in good taste by label owner and music maker Post Apocalyptic Zombie as this artist gave it a crushingly good remix! Everything becomes a bit harder, more pounding, aggressive even; as if looking at a moving belly button now becomes a deadly activity. The tune becomes perfect material for in a club that also allows people with less flattering bellies to stamp around in order to follow these kicking kicks on the stimulating melody. Pretty good material, especially for when you are getting ready to party hard.

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