SRVTR – SRVTR/ pulse 2.0

Artist: SRVTR
title: SRVTR/ pulse 2.0
keywords: electronic ambient dark industrial noise techno France
reviewer: Anomalous Alcoholidius

Another day, another good excuse to let the music take you to somewhere that you will never arrive. It’s not a case of having no destination; it’s more a case of just enjoying the view while traveling. Today’s travel is clearly surrounded and provided by a never failing pulse.

This Pulse of this electronic music travel momentum shows itself like a rhythmic determent source that slowly seems to expand with expensive sounding industrial radiations, perfectly orchestrated to become some form of ambient that more and more seems to roll on a railway rails towards a techno landscape.

The pulse is the shining middle point of attention, keeping the tempo and engines of this audio work hot and running, while slight hypnotic sound waves are sliding in to seduce the mind into a zone of fine quality psychedelics without the troublesome hallucinations on the side. The pulse keeps pulsating as a rhythmic ticker clearly paves the way for a zones out groove that feels like the moment for ‘the drop’, and yet state there to confuse hardcore dancers and hypnotizes them instead into a zone familiar of happy modern hippies at a reclusive party in which all have lost their minds to become and feel like one.

The pulse becomes more and more decorated with those lucid third eye opening sounds of seduction, inner peace and sensual touchy love. The music moves on its own, providing anti pulses that wave through different levels and locations; totally mesmerizing all who have reached the point of no return in the listening session.

Enslaved and captivated by these mind altering sounds as the pulse keeps on pushing through is an experience of rhythmic delight and hyper sensuality. The sounds that decorated this pulse are becoming more prominent, and might even absorb any ability to think about ever wanted to make this pulsating music to stop. Resistance is futile as the pulse keeps everything in its trip, firmly transforming enough to keep the brain under it’s highly state of influence.

In other words, jumping on this pulse is like jumping on board a train with a view out of the window that has acidic colors straight projected from your own out of mindness, and the destination is never going to be insight: an infinite ride along the pulse railroad.

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