Toxic Chicken – DJ 8kbps at the 8ravens party

artist: Toxic Chicken
title: DJ 8kbps at the 8ravens party
cat: 8R097
keywords: lobit, techno, house, acid, 8 kbps, 8ravens, lo-bit
label: 8Ravens

It doesn’t happen a lot; in fact it only happens once in the eight year. What happens you might ask? The 8kbps party!

It’s an exclusive party only attended by the 8kbps crowd in which 8kbps drinks & 8kbps snacks are catered for free to the audience behind the specially designed 8kbps club named ‘8ravens’. The 8kbps crowd gets jiggly on all these 8kbps delicatessen, and of course live 8kbps music played through special designed 8kbps speakers. They arrive in 8 wheeled micro limousines and tricycles, and legend goes that they will drive around the venue for at least 8th times.

Of course these 8kbps parties are super exclusive, only available for the 8kbps crowd, and paparazzi is completely kept in the dark for privacy purposes. Rumor goes that at the height of the party a member of the 320kbps crowd gets barbequed and covered in chocolate sauce as a holy sacrifice to the higher members of the lowest lobit crowd.

A long time ago, a undercover chicken had slipped in with a hidden microphone, and recorded one of the many exclusive live DJ sets played at the 8kbps party: DJ 8KBPS! This set, as the legend goes, was secretly recorded by this real life chicken, who happened to be one of the inside crowd, carefully using its powers to record the session without the problem of getting caught in the act.

The secret recording had landed on the servers of and found a way to the official 8Ravens netlabel for further distribution. And now, because we can, I will provide you with a link to hear this live chicken set from this mysterious 8kbps party. Do what you want with this information, but be sure to pass it around covered in secrecy:

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2 Responses to Toxic Chicken – DJ 8kbps at the 8ravens party

  1. linda says:

    Nice chicken-on-rave production!

    • linda says:

      Nice is an understatement here, but it’s Monday and I’m not really up to speed yet. I think I’ll take 8 of those parties for sure 🙂

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