ehafh – abdication of the coy {Music Video 2016}

artist: ehafh
title: abdication of the coy {Music Video 2016} 
keywords: 2016 experimental ambient buchla chill electronic eurorack experimental free album hardware modular relaxing music synthesizer weird Chicago
artist website:
reviewer: Viddo Dildeo

ehafh’s music video for the humble sounding soundtrack of love named ”abdication of the coy’ is something you wont hear, nor see everyday. The main course within the music and visually teasing colored visuals is one that truly delivers a pure tingling sensation for the ears and the eyes. It’s so miraculously pretty that it leaves an impression of long lasting beauty, something extraordinary and pleasant.

Perhaps its the vibe of ‘love’ that Dramacore owner ehafh so carefully had captured here in this audio visual experiment; it has this feeling that feels equal as that scientific love part that appears while high on some happy hug-worthy designer medications. You know the happy pills, or the liquid drops of pleasant material that made a band once see diamonds in the sky…

The music is simply warm, pleasant and to the point lovable. As if it’s a concentrated element, only serving that potent love sound and leaving all other distractions behind… Minimal as that might be, the graphic moving colors in the music video are the perfect companionship to add ‘amazement’ to the audio love making.

Through pretty to watch projections ehafh shows a still of a gorgeous face that the artist simply decorates with fluent pleasantries, moving material that will be appealing to all who love colors, pretty shapes… Pure  brain food for psychedelic travelers and all other characters that are interested in hearing and seeing something that goes so well together.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in love with this music video:

To get this wonderful track, and 18 others (!) it is highly recommended to take the wonderful trip by clicking the following link towards ehafh’s miasmatic aestheticism album. Something that shouldn’t be missed in anyone’s music collection:
or (even better!) download it in the highest quality over here:
(p.s. its freaking free!) That’s how LOVE is!! Love is free!!! Let this love set you free! Free Free Free!
weeeeehhhhhh!!!!! ❤

-someone just jumped out of a window-


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