jjoth – consta

artist: jjoth
title: consta
cat: uwr008
keywords: Acousmatic, Ambient, lobit, consta, Experimental, jjoth, Minimalist, Post-Ambient, Unaware Records
label: Unaware http://unawarerecordsnetlabel.blogspot.com/
reviewer: Leo Obit

Jjoth knows how to produce experimental works that are fulfilling enough at its intended length that you probably don’t need a replay button for complete satisfaction. This lengthy robust rhythmic extreme lobit production is certainly a great example, clearly taking the right time to showcase anything and everything within the release that the artist wants you to know and remember. Sophistically repeating the best parts in mathematical formulas in order not to bore the casual listener & satisfy them enough until they are completely fulfilled by the artist’s work.

So what does this mean in a concrete form? A steady rhythm, a repetitive strange voice asking something in a muffled order, and most notable a frequent appearance of sparkling bird-like bleeps that feel like a liberator on the steadiness. Even though it’s danceable, somehow it feels more like an beat based ambient release, perhaps because of it’s returning sound factors and of course the perfect lower bits in sound encoding.
If that is something that you are interested in, than feel free to continue by clicking the following link: https://archive.org/details/uwr008Jjoth-Consta

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