Russ Stedman – Orchestral Fakes

artist: Russ Stedman
title: Orchestral Fakes
keywords: rock experimental indie rock obscure underground Sioux Falls classical fakes

Oh, hello… Welcome at this post on YIKIS. If you look up you can read a description and see artwork, and if you look down you will be able to see a lot of words attempting to describe what your ears could probably hear for yourself. For what purpose you might ask? No purpose at all, just to make this website look more full, and perhaps a lot of words look more impressive, making a reader like yourself more easier to convince that they really should check out the release by Russ Stedman. Don’t do it because of us, do it because of yourself. Be good to yourself, and tune into Orchestral Fakes as they might actually pleasantly surprise you.

It all starts with Action Potato, which is obviously the work of a master mind in the high class orchestral composition world. With a clear clarity a plastic sounding trumpet plays the main part like a wildly gracious ballerina in the spotlight at the height of her performance. The entire work is one that will make all classical music lovers shiver with delight (or is it perhaps a sign of instant fever?).

The more you get into this brand of funnily clad composition works the more you lay down the mood of smoking to make more way to listen respectfully to music like the one named ‘Non-Smoking Aria’. It sounds as happy as going into a brightly painted club in which lots of fresh and clean air is around, making it a moment of clarity and happy joy for lucky lungs and mind.

‘Send Me Some Sand’ is one composition that brings out the mystery that is cuteness within music. Lovely bell like sweetness roll around in a playful matter, crafting a moment that should make every classical music fan feel happy and smiley. Why so serious? Music ain’t no form of elite golf! This is so cute it might even makes you want to laugh…

A more funny bouncing melodramatic piece is the adventurous orchestral fake named ‘Pippin Saves The Day’. This one I personally love as it reminds me of nights of heavy drinking and than trying to stumble outside while trying to find a way home. Good memory music, really!

Then it’s time to bring in a introducing flute, so the ‘The Mia Farrow Suite’ could start. This is a wonderful composition with dramatic hands and fingers hitting on the keys of a piano sound-a-like for bombastic effect. It really will get to you, tearing the eyes with a certain circus fun fair antics that are sweet and yet worth a pair of tears.

What is even more worth the sweetness and salty taste of lovable tears is the piano based composition named The Sandwich Guy. What an honor for The Sandwich Guy it must have been when he got served up such a cute work in his name.

The Fabulous Musician is efficient and fabulously short.

Burnt Orange Carpet is one happy go lucky swinger of a jazzy lounge vibe on speed, creating an half ‘dirty Larry’ vibe, and half like you had forget to switch off the gas but had already been out of the house for at least half an hour. You know that feeling of rushing to come back home, take someone’s pants off or something else of this order.

Something smooth, energetic and sexy is the Thrift Store Throb
in which enough cowbell and samba moves have nestled in to give every tropical moving salsa music lover a erection, even if they have nothing that could be erected. That’s the power of music, and fantastic plastic trumpeting!

A bit of wonder is the fanatic sounding adventurous Attack Of The Petty Things. An orgasmic work of orchestral fairness that sounds so nice and toyish that when there is a nice darker mood popping up, it’s is still actually sounding like a scene of good fun. The last bit of fun circulating comes at the maddening madness of the fake orchestral work Fried Clams At Mount Olympus. This one is strong enough to drive even the highest class classical music listener slightly insane. Personally I felt more and more into a Tom and Jerry cartoon character running up and down to hammer upon my own sanity. Good stuff indeed!

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