Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Friends Of Oliver O. Rednitz – Love 24/7 (2016)

artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
title: Friends Of Oliver O. Rednitz – Love 24/7 (2016)
keywords: experimental, ambient, soundscape, fieldrecording, sound art
label: Hortus Conclusus Records

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (along with additional musical arrangement, editing, and remix done by a certain Emiliano Pietrin) delivers a spicy sounding audio tribute to the creative peace loving street artist Oliver O. Rednitz. I think its spicy sounding, because it is pretty spicy; warm spicy sound fabrications that form one active glow of all different kinds of audio materials. You might want to see all these busy, yet perfect fitting spicy sound materials as if they are graffiti tags gathered through, over and on top of each other on a wall in a busy and well visited location.

It’s not the single tag that makes a wall great and colorful, but it’s in fact a whole load of them. Creative spray can handling is one of the most underestimated art forms, and somehow this kind of spicy sound collage is doing justice to it by celebrating the business of the spicy color palette, with a pretty vicious magical flow of street sounds and a vast amount of pleasant sounding electronic spiciness.

It might make you feel like an alien who hears and looks at things unfamiliar, but somehow the strange blissful spicy soundscape is doing something pleasant to all who stays long enough to find out. It’s perhaps a process, but the deeper into the audio tribute the opener the mind seems to go, and the more trip and psychedelic worthy the whole spicy music becomes. It really feels horrible when the music has chosen for a fatal fade-out escape, but things like this comes also with a seance of immortality, a basic thought that this music actually never ends and just plays out longer at another dimension in time and space.

You can hear the tribute done by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt over at the following spicy link:

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