Dark Willow – ARACHNIA



artist: Dark Willow
keywords: alternative, experimental, junk, jazz, pop, stoner, United Kingdom


So, this was included in the download, so f it here it is (Edit: I’m now assuming that this is the cover art for ROAD RAGE. I r smart)

Well folks. It seems things are momentarily back in a swing of sorts (for me reviewing things that is). For those concerned, I feel exhausted at the moment but this won’t stop me from writing this up. Because ya know, passion and shit.

Ever since I was introduced to Supercool via this very own blog I have been completely in love with this brother/sister duo. In fact, Platinum inspired me to write my very first review for this site, and for better or worse this spawned the slew of reviews I was writing here for a time.

Seriously, I could gush forever about the music they have done and will continue to do, but words cannot even come close to expressing how much I fucking dig this. Hopefully you too.

Now, I have been looking forward to this release since I first got wind of it. This release being the eventual full album titled Honeycutz. This is part one in a quadrillogy of EPs and well I must say, what a start!

We start off with DOLPHINE. It starts off in an eccentric nigh mischievous way, playful but mysterious. Then it picks up some pace as Iva’s vocals come in. I vaguely remember some post on the Dark Willow Facebook about Honeycutz being an emotional experience recording it, and with these vocals that certainly comes across. The it morphs into some broken dance beast. Pretty sick stuff.


DOLPHINE (as yet another note, I completely missed the timing, and I was already on the second song, so just so we’re all clear these photos weren’t taken “on time” as I was listening this time around


Holy fucking crap. I’m calling it right now, BAD 4 B0¥Z is my favorite track on this EP. That piano. That cowbell hat thing. The guitar. THE EVERYTHING. It’s like this cool message and groovetastic dark time gettin down n dirty whatever that dirty and down is for you and yeah. Did I make much sense there? No, but I think you should get the gist? Hopefully. This is good. I guess that’s essentially what I was going for.


It’s not letting me paste the title of the track into the caption so yeah…


ТЕОДОРА is a motherfucker. It’s coming for you. Whatcha gonna do? (In case you don’t understand, I suggest listening to the song!) Seriously, while BAD 4 B0¥Z is my favorite track, the lyrics for ТЕОДОРА are absolutely fantastic. Laid back with some neat effects, a cool little tune.


I’m not going to even try to paste it in, I already experience massive failure last time there was a unique character.

Last but not least is ROAD RAGE. Solid guitar here. I wish I could say more, but I mean, it’s good to listen to. I shouldn’t have to tell or describe anything here. Also, you have no idea how tempting it was to take a photo of passing cars (or this abandoned hub cap I found in some shrubbery) but I felt it was too meta, and refrained. Other than, it felt short. It’s 4 minutes long but somehow it feels short. I don’t know how that’s possible but that was what I felt with this track. When I was walking, the same thing occurred. I just listened to it again as I was writing this section up and before I knew it, it was over. This makes me sad.

Which, brings me into my overall consensus of, I can’t wait for the other 3 parts. These 4 tracks are amazing and the journey was sweet whilst listening, and a tinge of melancholy when realizing for the time being, there is a wait. If anything, it has only made me thirstier/hungrier/hornier whatever for the next 3 parts.

OH! They’re doing a double vinyl, with the proceeds from the EPs going to that, so if you’re interested in seeing that (and apparently a tarot deck is in the works too) pick up your digital copy of ARACHNIA asap!



What’s this? There’s more? THERE’S MORE! Photos, and walk story things that is. So, since this was overall one of the shorter releases I have reviewed, it didn’t give me a lot of time to walk around. Since, I still felt like walking, I decided to put on some other music and continue to walk and snap other photos. It was when this happened that I realized that some quite coincidental things popped into my head.

When I reviewed Platinum, there happened to be a lot of police vehicles out and about on the road. I have since moved from the area where I took the photos for Platinum, but apparently the local pd got the word I was reviewing another Dark Willow release because there was also a large presence of police, at least in their SUVs. Seriously, I saw at least 20 or so squad cars within an hour, which I mean, might not be much for your area but it was the most I have seen over here. Is it really anything? No, but I just thought it was a funny little thought.

The other thing, is that also when I reviewed Platinum, I couldn’t listen to it all the way through at first, because I got distracted by Queens of the Stone Age. Now, funnily enough, a few days ago, I happened to upload one of their albums to my phone (Era Vulgaris, if you really wanted to know). I don’t really use my phone for music but since my MP3 player (yes, I still use one) has been on the fritz I have been uploading music on there to write reviews, as well as just for general listening pleasure. Sure, they are my favorite band of all time, so it is rather likely that I would have them on all sorts of media, but I just found it funny that 2 or 3 days ago I uploaded it to my phone, and hadn’t bothered queuing it up, until of course there was a Dark Willow release. I guess this was more a funny to me thing, sorry if it wasn’t of any interest.





So I was actually listening to DOLPHINE again whilst taking this one, so it technically could’ve gone up but I needed to MAINTAIN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER


Other than that, not much going on in this walk. But anyways, again BUY THIS AND THE OTHER EPS ONCE THEY ARE OUT. THIS ONE IS AMAZING AND THE OTHERS WILL BE TOO!


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