Obasquiat and Dancing Deadlips in Free Sonic Explorations- The Mindness

Artist: Obasquiat and Dancing Deadlips in Free Sonic Explorations
title: The Mindness
keywords: experimental free improvisation industrial noise progressive rock psychedelic ambient avant-garde dark ambient doom drone folk free jazz fusion jazz post-rock

Don’t you worry if you are unable to read, as the following review might as well be unreadable? It’s written while listening to this requested album named ‘The Mindness’ by ‘Obasquiat and Dancing Deadlips in Free Sonic Explorations’… Yeah, I know that’s a nice mouth full. The music however is worth the name as while listening and trying to think how to translate the music into words, it simply started to play with my mind as if it was a toy, and it somehow made making sense even more problematic then it normally already is… So yeah, I got mind-washed, mind-fucked even, but even though that happened; it was a nice experience… So you might just click on the cover artwork above, or skip everything and click the link at the bottom of these words and just hear it all for yourself. I know you could use some mindness & perhaps after hearing it all; my words below will even start to make sense. Who knows? Anyway, here we go:

Light Is a Fuel Made of Stars is because of its lengthy content already one release on its own, and in reality it’s just the first track of much more tracks. It’s a mysterious happening in which it feels as if a blanket of sacred magic is draped over our listening heads in order to be mesmerized in state of openness. When completely caught under the magical spell of dream catchers and special words it’s time for a happy moment of pleasantness. Now the warm relaxed music of feel goodness is ready to introduce itself, kindly healing the wounds with reasons to dream, and more reasons to lower your defense systems. Now it feels as if it’s time for campfire plays, bass guitar in the hand and a warm fire to roast marshmallows on. Here the sound and feel feels so familiar and trustworthy that it’s easy to be fully filled with comfortable comfort.

After the feel goodness a certain doubt makes way in the mood, creating a dubious psychedelic happening in which you could still feel safe, yet it’s on the line of pushing the comfort zone to the outer limits. But there is no real need to panic as a fine hypnotizing magical sounding voice nicely guides us through the entire process. Ah, what a lovely mysterious blessing of a sound escape.

Another pleasant entry on this album is ‘Duke de Dada‘ which seems to take us straight into a bird-spotters spot between the rumbling kettles, unaware tropical birds and buzzy humming bugs. The pleasantness is mostly because of that fine laid-back played slap bass and those fine stirring sounds in pots and pans. It makes me feel as if someone is boiling up some fresh cow milk… Sweet…

The Mindness is another entry point for psychedelic traveling into a slippery slope that are your own thoughts lubricated by the moving brainwave sound that this track is so richly decorated with. It starts with a bit of a introduction, petting you on the head and wishing you good luck and then you are simply on your own. Slippery sliding in your own wet brain until the thoughts are all nicely relaxed after a nice internal audio massage.

With Heavy Mental Orange it feels as if a clothed lady offered us a good looking but poisoned orange. It’s an irresistible one and after a few bites the poisoned toxins are kicking in. But because of the right indigestion there is no death on the menu, but instead a whole trip experience of seeing (and perhaps hearing?) things that might or might not be there.

The ‘Trauma Police‘ then arrives to heal whatever needs to be healed with hints of flirts of music, a sniff of sensual night jazz, a snooze of kind percussion, a fine collage of warmth and bizarre sexiness. It’s like a velvet lucid dream in which a warm and pleasant voice swirls all over you while these perfect music elements bathe you in their pursuing dreamy sound. It’s difficult in words to explain how lucidly pleasant this visit to the Trauma Police is, but trust me it feels very safe and worth the trance of letting everything go with the flow.

The next track starts with a bit of a rhythm, which then simply fades away to reveal a drastic sinkhole of sound that let us drown in an organic mysterious audio soup. But don’t be afraid as the music will bring you back to the surface again, so no actual drowning will be happening at this strange dream session.

Bruising the Monstrous Ego of Doom is as mystique and erogenous as the title suggest, strangely slipping in a warm oddity that feels as mystique as a poetic poet in a scene of fantasy, cave-like environments of absolute surreal surrealistic realisms. It’s a mad place, but somehow it’s also capturing a essence of certain madness, something cat-like, with an jazzy bite and a golden chain… I don’t know; the whole album is driving me deep into a mental state of insanity, and it’s quite a good place!

Then this wonderful Dada the Dude comes in. At first it’s pure seduction, making you feel all calm and without expectations, but then it happens; a vile dirty masterful synthetic synthesizer flops in to reveal a fine thickness anyone with a love for this kind of thing would get excited about.

Every Time, All the Time is the latest work on the gracious collection of psychedelic friendly tracks of mystery dreams. It starts again with a soft kindness of words but takes its full beauty appeal when the music opens up to reveal a hot stew of instruments covered in a stereo mixed world that completely absorbs the mind as if it’s a dry sponge and the music is pure liquid. Voices reappear and take over the show, strangely whispering in all directions of the inner skull with soft shakers for the right trippy feel of hypnotic perfection. Strangely I feel this is the moment in which we would have closed our eyes to fall asleep, but the music is too mysteriously strange to go for a nap; you never know what you will see or discover when dreaming on such a rich audio environment.

If you perhaps expect some logical conclusion at this moment of the review, I’m not really sure if I could help you. I can tell you that this is a special kind of album, and it’s not recommended to hear it in a busy noisy environment as the details and delirious stereo mixing and eye (or ear?) for sublime audio details should be given full attention. Silence would be perfect, and a comfortable place to hear it would be even better… But somehow I wouldn’t sleep or rest with it, it just keeps balancing on this balance of being pleasant and something more twisted. It’s just one of these unpredictable hypnotic sonic shows that you trust and want to hold close to your ears, and yet don’t feel like you could trust it for 100%… ‘Tripping while walking on your toes’…

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