Black Dolphin – “Slothrot3000”

artist: Black Dolphin
title: “Slothrot3000”
cat: SD17
keywords: experimental fantasy exotica fun synth tropical Gainesville
label: Squiggle Dot

Black Dolphin obviously wiggles its gorgeous tail made out of audio synthesis, a thing to move carefree through the most pleasant material waves of another bubbly galaxy. The effects on the ears are like blue oceans so deep, enormously beautiful and moving. Even when the wiggling fishtail takes it slow and easy the sparkling sound shows of a pure and sparkly vibe.

The Black Dolphin’s skin is so super smooth, bringing rays of light from underneath the ocean towards the surface, glowing like the most beautiful thing you have ever heard or seen. The Black Dolphin talks in a multiverse language that all could understand; one of prettiness that opens the mouth with a gasp from pure appreciation. The Black Dolphin splashes up to dive even deeper for your audio entertainment; you will feel blessed with Black Dolphin swimming in your ears.

It is true, the Black Dolphin is beautiful, lean and tender. And how the Black Dolphin swims while sounding fresh and sensual is simply an unique experience for the ears. Little rhythmic mumblings of electric electricity, new age singing of wordless humbleness in combination of pretty mellow melodies wouldn’t be available on earth if there wasn’t a Black Dolphin to produce it all. And no, I’m not high on acid, but the sparkling sound of Black Dolphin might contain some spontaneous left over traces to lighten up your perspective sensational senses.

It only gets better as the Black Dolphin bubbles and swims along and shows us the Topanga’s Treehouse. This is the moment in which the voices in your own head automatically team up and try to communicate with the Black Dolphin, probably thanking the Black Dolphin for how beautiful the mellow sparkling melodic music is over here. It’s so good, so sensual, so oceanic and the mellowness of melody is something you would not exchange a black Tuna for. Super!

Is it really a Black Dolphin, or is perhaps just a dream? Is this music or really an abnormal gorgeous beauty that carefully sparkles in both ears? It’s beautiful and that’s all that counts, and easy going melodies of a natural electric kind with soft singing of sensual soft machines are really getting a state of pure bliss across. The synthesizer sounds that Black Dolphin brings along are in a sense a heaven on earth, and that’s no bullshit coming out of the hands of an atheist. It’s just so beautiful.

It just keeps on going on this release, and Black Dolphin just seems to get more at ease, showcasing a slow organic ballad without words for the mesmerized spectator. It’s like angels cheering the Black Dolphin as it swims through the most gorgeous synth sounds to provide an angelic realm of ultra-goodness. I can’t say or describe it differently as it’s just marvelously pretty.

After the mellow beautiful relaxedness Black Dolphin throws in a delicious beat for some fine tumbling action of a warm party to move our own fishtails to a freaky groove. This is what we call an ultimate happy moment, one of bubbles and bubbly feelings and something nobody could wish anything better for. Black Dolphin wakes us up with some car klaxons, a bit of an easy water stream as it slowly swims out of view leaving everyone behind in a state of mesmerizing bliss and synthesizer perfection. Black Dolphin is probably the best dolphin out there to hear, so better invite it in and hear this lovely stuff:

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