McGarnagle – Contact Low

Artist: McGarnagle
title: Contact Low
keywords: acoustic anti-folk folk punk indie folk math math rock twinkly folk two-piece Bethlehem

You know what’s cute? Yeah, cute things! But this playfully sounding
How I Rose From The Dead In My Spare Time And So Can You! is pretty much cute too! It’s the instruments used, they sounding so cute, like sweet baby kittens meowing while playing on colorful toy pianos and mini guitars. It’s not only the sounds, it’s also what these so called kittens are doing with then, they play them so nicely and cute, like a cute little elevating story that you just want to cuddle and squeeze.

Cuteness gets a bit of a Spanish folk vibe when we move over to
‘A Game Of World Domination Being Played By Two Guys Who Can Barely Run Their Own Lives’ which feels like a cute story told among fanatically played acoustic guitar strings, a few words, a great feeling of melody and groove; it’s an reassuring story that even though there might be a conflict in there it sounds like a happy moment that keeps that cute factor pretty high up there.

More pleasure could be received when listening to the funnily played ‘Just The Trees, Johnny’, another her great way of storytelling music that is fanatically played on these acoustic friends with additional words sung by a seemingly shy singer. The melody is busy, up and down like a technical walk up and down the hill.

More fun and expressive playing and singing storytelling is being delivered in another good fun and friendly song named ‘Fat Man’s Errand’. Here the singer isn’t afraid to do its thing and feels like equal to the perfectly played superbly active accords on the acoustic melody maker.

Then it’s time to hear ‘Serious Delirium’, I don’t know if you had ever had one, but the music over here seems to make it much more appetizing than the whole ordeal in reality should be for the one having a delirium. But still out of all the songs on the album, this one does sound more serious, a bit dramatic perhaps, but not too much; the fun is still there, the cuteness might just have gone out for a toilet break.

There it is, back again and ready to join in for a fun sounding ‘Botsaw Is REEEAAADDDYYY’ another energetic work in which it feels like a good moment to hold hands and do some awkward dancing of togetherness. It’s a bit odd perhaps but don’t be shy, just hold my hand and there we go! Listen to these guitar Strings happy jingling away & who can resist the jolly voice?

Gothic Whatever is the Gothic moment on the release. It strangely made me think of the doomed songs done by Doomettes, probably because it reminds me of how a gothic the voice and banjo could sound like when done correctly. Not that there is a banjo at work here, but it could have been one after all nothing is more Gothic than a actual banjo.

Self-Deprecation Is My Most Sincere Form Of Flattery is a self-loathing expression that sounds serious and sad on one hand, but half way gets a bit of a cute factor sound and melody wise. It nicely rolls out the red carpet for the sparkling of the last ‘Temporal Causality Loop’. This is one that brings expressively fun played guitar strings with a friendly shaker, and it feels sunny warm and active. It is the feel good anthem that will embrace everyone with nice music. This is a lovely ending, and if you play the album from back to the front; also a pretty nice beginning. Even the drunk humbling singing sounds nice..

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