Merzlux – Banderoise

artist: Merzlux
title: Banderoise
keywords: HNW, lobit, Harsh Noise Wall, 8kbps
label: 8Ravens

The thing with Merzlux’s Banderoise is that it has this nostalgic feel of attempting to find a radio station, something that you would have liked to hear on your old school transistor radio, and you just somehow got stuck in the middle, abandoning all radio chatter and music by just listening to static noise instead. It might not be for everyone, but I remember when deeply into radio frequencies, it was most of the times a thing definitely much more pleasant and interesting (or let’s say; less annoying…) then indeed listening to the popular radio broadcasts from stations that are stationed in between the fluffy ether noise.

This Banderoise reminds me so much of that radio static, except in this one hour of noise it’s much more static then it probably was when listening to a similar thing on the radio. It’s almost as if Merzlux (the artist) had done its ultimate best to make sure no distraction could flow in, nothing to disturb the static listener. Of course you might say; ‘so this is just another wall of noise’, but I feel that it isn’t like all the other walls of noise, not only because of its sterile sound, but most efficiently because of this static static being brought in the low bit rate of 8kbps.

This makes this static noise so much radio-noise-like, as it really gives that sentimental feeling of listening to “nothing” on a crappy old radio from yesteryear. It’s making the thing less harsh perhaps, and much more beautiful (if that’s the right word to describe something like this?) If you too have sentimental radio static feelings, you might want to  get hold of a tissue (for drying the sentimental tears) before tuning in over here at the following link:

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