HUNNEST – Arrebato

artist: HUNNEST
title: Arrebato
keywords: acid ambient drone mexico mexico city méxico d.f. saturation ambient experimental noise saturation techno Monterrey
label: Σшρτγ
reviewer: Simon Hit

This is not the funniest home videos, but this is the sound created and placed in line by an artist named HUNNEST. And hunnestly it doesn’t sound funny, so no need to clean your teeth for smiling purposes. It’s more music to keep your teeth close on top of each other, your yaw squeezed tight against the bottom of your skull. Why is that you may ask? Well it’s just a hunch, a feeling that the title track on this release is giving. The track ‘Arrebato’ is like a pounding club hit heard after the intake of at least two heavy loaded XTC pills. You know the kind of pill that makes you forget if you are hearing something great or amazing, as you are now able to dance about on as good as anything. The Arrebato is such a pounding of a rhythm that dancing to it in such state of highness wouldn’t be a problem at all. Brain cells might go on holiday and leave your inner systems through your human exits, the music will easily hook on to what is left to the brain and give them something to follow and move too.

Same thing with KINO, which keeps on giving that minimal pulse, that Popsicle suckers at the local morning rave will dance upon, in order to keep their large pupils entertained enough to stay within their eyes. It’s a mechanic happening, very minimal; but with the right pills – anything goes.

HUNNEST’s (to have many returns) is a little bit more deeper, perhaps even good for later in the night or perhaps even more earlier in the morning. This is because there is no beat, just sound that repeats itself. It’s a bit like having a head like a scrambled egg; it doesn’t know what it hears anymore, and that’s alright. (for the moment)

Then there is another train like mover of material, this time there is some talking added to the beat. Probably helping to gain some hallucinations for the lucky birds who had moshed their brains into unpredictable ways. Something that a little bit smoother while listening to the last work on the release named ‘Jardín dos (para Pablo)’ which provides another stepper of a beat and a minimal ambient flow for brain damage healing functionalities. This release is a reason to get yourself mashed, as in a stated of mashed-potato-brain it probably sounds much better!

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