Various Artists – Fauna

artists: Various
title: Fauna
keywords: fauna, experimental
label: Dog Park

When Dog Park is calling for music and sound makers to create material (and send in) for a Fauna themed compilation, you can bet yourself that it turns out into a collection worth more than gold. Not that potential listeners need to empty their pockets to purchase anything, as surprisingly Dog Park and its patrons are giving it all away for free! Isn’t it lovely?

The compilation has quite a lot of names available, and each artist delivers their own take on the Fauna theme, in their style and with their own ideas. Trevor the dog, label owner and secret organizer behind the label had decided to place the tracks on order of track length. Short ones up front, and larger ones at the back; almost arranged like a group school photo; what a smart dog Trevor is! Surprisingly the flow of the compilation really seems to work out well like this, fluently passing all the send in works with things like insects, birds, chickens, fish and a cat like it’s a DJ mix with Mother Nature in the DJ booth.

It all starts with the shorty all the way upfront named ‘Hazel the Happy Hagfish’, it’s {AN} Eel at work over here, and feels like {AN} Eel is using Hazel the Happy Hagfish to apply facial cream to the artist’s face. You can hear the tail of the fish slapping the cheeks and it feels like something that {AN} Eel would do in the morning and probably in the evening (night facial cream?).

‘Koala’ is the next Fauna creature on the compilation, carefully showcased in a dark sounding fuzzy live world produced by Paul Kidney Experience. Not sure where this is recorded, but it feels like a live recording in which a band is playing with the Koala on the microphone to perform some excellent vocals. Don’t we all love Koalas? And aren’t they just the most adorable sounding lead singers?

It is time for more fluff, something which comes as one of the cute but rebellious Fauna figures out there; a cat. The Cat is triggered into meowing beautifully into D9K’s recording equipment. The meowing meows are nicely treated in 3D stereo, with an additional devilish undertone of a Cat’s secret leader. Pretty much the only voice a cat really listens and is responsive to.

Then it’s time for a Furry Chicken in combination with a toxic one. They are teamed up together in the shape of a remix, a thing only good feathered friends could create.
I can’t tell too much about it, as I’m close to both the toxic and furry one, but can say as a close and upfront observer that they really did make a nice egg over here.

Of course one egg never comes alone, and out of those eggs little mini chickens will pop up to become a whole bunch of larger ones. They of course have their way of communication among themselves, and on this ‘Fauna’ compilation this language is thoroughly exposed for your listening purposes.

Der Domestizierte Mensch is also on board of the Fauna fun fair, and created for this special occasion a track named ‘Aelurophobie’. It’s warm and ground-like, making me feel like I’m down with the sandworms crawling underneath the surface of some environment that isn’t sand, but more some gravel under industrial machinery. The more we listen, the hotter the act gets; even hinting that the place kindly starts to go up in a kind crackling fire. Better to follow the worms into a space of safety.

Then it’s clearly time for a lot of fun, which means that its obviously time to hang out and spend some quality time with the Party Animals. Don’t think of the Party Animals of the Happy Hardcore nineteens, but really of real life partying animals. You can hear them sing, jump and dance from tree to tree, probably playing a game of recreational badminton, and drumming with spatulas for the fun of it. This is all setup and arranged by RAQ VB and that’s pretty much awesome!

Ben Presto brings tons of friendly birds in a homage to Alfred H. The birds here are superbly chatty and friendly, not at all as blood thirsty as the birds in movie ‘the birds’, but that’s for the sake of this compilation a good thing. It’s like sitting in the sun, with lots of happy feathered friends doing their thing around you… Good times!

Next up is ‘La Seconda Amima’ by MoreBlackThenGod. This is a track that starts very slow and easy and becomes more and more prominent in ear-sight. It’s fair to say that it’s an audio animal that is quite abstract, enlarging itself from a little nothing into large grotesque all eating dinosaur of sound that simply eats all the silence, before slowly giving it back again. (Not sure how this creature of Fauna does this, but it’s a good session to flabbergast yourself with.

Steenbeek’s Voederbak is an animalistic take on something I would presume, would be played at a jolly animal farm. Not just to entertain the farmers while the fauna eats, but also to entertain the animals and other creatures while eating. Jolliness surely gets represented by nicely fiddling on human instruments, a no nonsense flute and other hand plate ones that nicely gets an improvisational treatment. If I was a pig stuck at this farm, I would certainly curl my tale happy on this music… What about you?

The massive need for the sounds of insects is finally answered by the ever so lovely artist and his microphone versus recording equipment combination. The artist that you can count on is of course nobody less than Clinton Green. He brings lots of insects of Langkawi for the Fauna occasion, and when you close your eyes you could just see them flying around your head. Isn’t it lovely?

Last but not forgettable is the quality production done by djskein. Here we are treated with the gift of modern technology cultivating the sounds of Mother Nature. It’s as if you are completely covered in a blanket of wild life, pretty moving things with arms and legs, perhaps bird like beaks and things.
It’s a miracle how things like this could be made, but there is no need to ask too many questionable questions as a link to hear it all has doomed up for you frequent readers to click: (how interactive!)

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1 Response to Various Artists – Fauna

  1. Linda says:

    My dream of a garden full of little chickies, duckies, peacocks and other feathered party animals comes true! Including being a bit slapped with a big small eel. I didn’t even know I had that fantasy…

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