artist: B.J. SNOWDEN
title: AMERICA
keywords: music, video, America, singer songwriter,
artist website: http://www.bjsnowdenmusic.com/

here is only one musician / songwriter / singer who can make a song so passionately that it turns a whole country’s reputation into a positive intriguing one. Of course I’m talking about the amazing B.J. Snowden, an artist who has intrigued many listeners with the beautiful ‘In Canada’ song in which all the good things of Canada are praised like a beautiful anthem.

But now the lovely artist has applied this creative positivism in a brand new song covering ‘America’. And it’s basically everything that you could have hoped for; it’s a case of magical song writing clearly coming from smart observation of the country, and not less important; lots of love for it.

B.J. Snowden’s new song is not only a patriotic anthem for the country and it’s inhabitants of these United States, but also a medicine for foreigners who (like me) might have a slight America-phoby.
B.J. Snowden simply cures this foreign fear with this song, and even more; makes you as a non-American feel like you really need to travel and go there to enjoy all the things B.J.Snowden shows in this honest sounding ‘America’ song.

Next to an euphoric feeling and fire works; expect to hear an epic and unforgettable appreciation in the vocals of this artist, the sound of a pure and honest love for America that will simply makes Americans proud to be American, and foreigners excited in a way that this is not the country we read about daily in the newspapers, but one that is beautiful and together; a great place to be in!

It’s Beautiful!

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2 Responses to B.J. SNOWDEN – AMERICA

  1. DB says:

    Great review. However, this song is on BJ’s “In Memory of My Father and My Life” CD which came out in 2001. Not exactly a brand new song.

  2. BJ Snowden says:

    Thank you so much for the great review


    BJ Snowden

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