Donna Donka – We Made this War

artist: Donna Donka
title: We Made this War
keywords: pop, dramatic, vocal, devotional, singer songwriter, video
reviewer: Willem van O.

One of my favorite singers of all time is Donna Donka. Donna Donka’s voice is just so particular that it’s probably a case of you either like it, or you love it extremely! I’m loving Donna’s voice and vocal style extremely, and that why I’m so happy to share this love with you by presenting you another video clip of this ‘to me’ precious artist.

The song is as epic like an moving thunder in some apocalyptic drama movie; it has the tension, the action and the pressure of ‘war’ captivated in song and music form. The music is worth to make a drastic cinematic movie for, and Donna Donka’s precious passionate sounding voice simply adds pure amazement to the whole thing. You will be flabbergasted, probably impressed, and slightly shocked by such an exposure to this song and video; but Donna Donka doesn’t hide the facts, and gives us the truth in the most dramatic shape and form. A master piece!

for more Donna Donka, please visit:

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