Toxic Chicken – Sees

Artist: Toxic Chicken
Title: Sees
Keywords: lobit, experimental, concrete, electronic
label: 8Ravens
words by: Toxic Chicken

With the blog being visited a billion times each day, it might be a smart move to sneak in some sneaky sponsored album promotions. To cultivate this idea I thought to bring you a shameless attempt of self-promotion. It might be the case that the music is actually not great enough for any self-respected blogger, reviewer or other organization to be picked up, so a little shameless self-promotion over here is perhaps a born necessity.

How else could well respected music lovers like yourself know about music nobody cares about? Except yourself of course; I know you care about the oddities, the rare caviar among music, the stuff nobody likes but you…

You are my Hero!

So without further attempts to lick your ass, and compliment your musical tastes; here is this new thing made by yours truly. It is made in a perfect sound quality of the warm 8kbps sound and made in delicious mono. I love mono because it will avoid the left and right audio channels to be jealous of each other; identical twins are what I’m talking about.

I’m sure a hero like you will totally understand it…

Of course I could write a track by track review, but that would be weird. So instead I opt to leave you in the dark and just tell you that it’s released on the day that this chicken crawled once out of its egg. It seems to be an unintended tradition to release an egg on each birthday, but I might consider it a funny joke from the always comedic universe. I know, I know nobody cares about such details but oh well it fills up this post…

…and the longer this post is, the more time well spend with my musical reading heroes, right?

(…please don’t puke, and if you do so; please for your own safety avoid doing it over your precious electronic equipment..)


Oh and the release is suitable to be saved on a floppy diskette, perfect in case you need to clear up some previous hard disk space but don’t want to lose this kind of chicken caviar.

There is no expiry date!

Music wise I have no clue, but most tracks are made with a lovely individual in mind, her name is Sesame, or in short Sees & she is a master at riding her motorbike, music choreography, making up songs and is also very good companionship for non-existing tea drinking parties. She might still be small, but as a muse she is pretty much a giant. So this is for her, and if you like it; it’s for you too. (Not U2, they aren’t heroes of mine…)

Anyway, thank you for your time, for your friendship and loyalty. Happy New Year, and Merry Christmas and best wishes to you all!

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1 Response to Toxic Chicken – Sees

  1. Linda says:

    I hope you know Toxic Chicken doesn’t need a review to be valued, but deserves a YIKIS review anytime. Even if it’s a self promotion.

    So I feel the need to give it a nice comment. Like how nice bubbly the ode to Sees it is, with little meow and organ in a steady wavy. I can totally see Sees comfortably cruising on her motor in a big open field with singing flowers. On her way to the raven disco, which is held every 2 weeks ( With a nice chai afterparty, smoking a spliff, enjoying life and the sun and the rhythmic, playful, beats of the chicken picking the sesame seeds.

    Spring has sprung where I live and for sure this one can accompany the evenings. Maybe I will pollute the fresh air with some incense sticks, just to let my neighbor know how chilled out and relaxed I am with that chicken on repeat. And I’ll have a beer on Sees 🙂

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