Logosamphia – AZTEKDOT

Artist: Logosamphia
keywords: experimental arabic breakcore chipcore circuit circuit bending eastern electroacoustic folk folktek logosamphia neopolka persian tar tekno Rotterdam
reviewer: unpaid employee

My boss at the Yeah I Know It Sucks office pre-ordered me to listen to the pre-listenable tracks of the brand new and upcoming album of electronic modernist polka Persian folk punk beeper Logosamphia. And willing that I was, I followed the pre-order up and listened before my boss would order me to listen to the whole thing for real. What a good pre-order to follow it was, as the music that I could hear was out of this world, yet not too far out of this world not too be able to be heard by all of my human ears. Six I’ve got; five on my head and one on my back: perfect for dolby surround sound listening sessions!

So here is my report to my boss of my little pleasurable findings while listening to the pre-hearable tracks before the complete album seems to drop:

Dear Boss,

I’ve followed up your pre-order before your order, and I can tell you that it was an honor to be pre-ordered like this. The album in question ‘AZTEKDOT’ sounds as far that I could tell through the now demystifying tunes available to the public one that is up there with the stars, the stars from 1001 fairy nights, woody woodpeckers pecking in fabulous fabrics from eastern origins. I was already fiercely impressed with the exit as the beginning. A tactic game of ping pong played among long armed jizzy lounge pianos with their feet obviously fitted in tiny flip flops. They might be out of place candidates for a professional game of ping pong at first sight, but in Logosamphia’s world they are simply the champions! Even blow job relief workers plopping out hard candy from their mouths will not be able to deliver such a spectacular sounding (and controlled!) cool sounding game! It really impressed me, but there was so much more that impressed me: A little Persian sword in my chest of joy; forcing me to tell you how much you, dear boss, should pre-order the ‘AZTEKDOT’ album.

Anyway that was just the outro of the brand new album that Logosamphia had cooked up! What an exit, and what an excellent excellence to listen to an album from the way back to the front! A perfect reason to pre-order the album before it’s available to order without the ‘pre’. That’s three letters you would miss out on, if you would wait long enough.

Of course this latest pre-order album was and is worth the wait, not only because of the tactic sounding ping pong show, but basically because of it being a huge one full of other tunes, tracks and recordings are ready at your disposal. And you know what? I’m more than grateful with what Logosamphia had boiled up for my paupers ears. For example the FROM MANJIL TO SHAHINSHAHR track, in which colorful ear pleasing fantasy folk gets a wicked ride on the back of a spectacular rhythm. Who needs to sit on a camel to go from Z to A when there is music to place your behind on? Traveling through the semi fantasy world of Logosamphia is simply so much more fun, and also much more practical! You don’t even need to bring a pillow, or a bottle with water!

And there is so much more! Just like VACUME CLEANER W/N YOUTH which is one of the cleanest sounding choices of happiness to hear, one of melody and graciousness; bright jolly colors and magical carpets with pixel patterns interwoven to make the whole thing fly in a cute steady way. All of my ears are in love with these tracks, but it’s PERSIA DEGENERATO that catches my tongue for some Persian tongue kissing! This is a tune, so lean and beautiful! It introduces itself on pointy slippers with an aura of glorious rich cultural times, full of perfume from authentic markets in the East and sunny sunlight from kept from the West; a combo better then Colombo and his dog; a true anthem for the glorious Persian prince of the past and future; Logosamphia! Of course this must be celebrated, and that could be good fun to do this with AZTEK NOBLIKI! Your best brand new friend, all grown up after a spectacular birth from Logosamphia’s mind and music factory. The timeless and ageless tune goes for a good temp, beats ready for the birds to peck their trees with! It’s worth all your magical dances, intergalactic ancient knowledge of body movement, and definitely another tune that deserves to be called ‘TUNE’! Now dear Boss, If you don’t mind; could you please release me from the impression of the Persian sword in my chest and pay ten euro for pre-ordering this excellent album?


Kind regards,
your unpaid pre-ordered employee

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2 Responses to Logosamphia – AZTEKDOT

  1. Logosamphia says:

    This is what bandcamp has to say about setting up pre-orders, so…you know….I just had to:

    “If your music career is just getting started, you’re almost certainly better off avoiding pre-orders and instead getting your full album out, letting people hear it, and building up your fanbase. It’s conceivable that someone who has never heard of you might pre-order your record on the strength of a few teaser tracks, but it’s pretty unlikely.
    If you’re a more established artist, however, setting up a release as a pre-order can have a few benefits….. “

  2. linda says:

    Speaking of pre-order…. It sounds like an 11 year pro release! ;D The cover looks super cute! Somehow I know I’ll know all these delicious songs already by ❤ (soon) Great bunch of songs to start the day, the party, work, driving to gifgrond, holiday, doing grocery shopping. But foremost living! Life is a party, don't fear the hangover, cos you can sleep when you're dead!

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