Deformed Skeletal Touch – Lucid Amnesia Forest

artist: Deformed Skeletal Touch
title: Lucid Amnesia Forest
keywords: musique concrete
label: Genetic Trance
reviewer: Leo Obit

Noise is a sound form that brings people from all kinds of life seemingly together in comfortable discomfort. But strangely a part of our society isn’t fully catered by this genre of shockwaves and loudness. The high society is one that of course could listen to the lower scale noise escapades from the lower classes, but to be fair; it would be something to be frowned upon by the other high class partners and semi-friends. Luckily Deformed Skeletal Touch has made the noise track that is specially catered to their high standards, one that fits the tables filled with caviar, rare bottles of wines from good years, and eyes wide shut exclusive power play parties. This ‘Upper Class Noise’ catches everything that they enjoy, from poetry, to classical snobbish bits to of course the noise to make them even more elite than they already felt. There is no more need to looking down to lower their tastes, not anymore with this special branch of expensive sounding noise, that surprisingly cost nothing (except perhaps your status in society?) to be downloaded or played.

The good thing is, is that this high society noise doesn’t come alone, there is more material brought by Deformed Skeletal Touch to lick your lips off for. Electronic Projection Systems for example.. Listening to it, makes you not only want to lick your lips, but also want to place a finger in and repetitively stroke them in rapid speed to create a lip thrilling sound to join along with the music. That might seem odd on paper, but in reality; nothing is weird in a real life listening session!

I mean, ever thought about listening to a ‘Private Space Owner’? Neither did I! But here Deformed Skeletal Touch makes things like this happen, and it’s rather interesting to say the least. It sounds not at all like listening to a posh person with a cigar and a contract, but more like some mad person making avant-garde noise in a tool shed! And ‘Winter Tale Copy’ sounds like stepping around in the snow while it all being lighted up by a bunch of twinkling fairies… It’s a bit of a warm glowing dream, but not warm enough to make the snow melt! It’s also to active perhaps to fall asleep with, so it might be good material for awake listening. The last one on this release is a session of ear material in which ‘Ignorant Network Personal’ starts to talk and tumble through and over each-other until it’s a gigantic ignorant messy mess. In other words, it’s an album that will please the high society noise and avant-garde lovers, but is cheap enough for all lower classes within society to be picked up to enlarge their ‘good tastes’…

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