Hanin Elias – Hold Me

artist: Hanin Elias
title: Hold Me
keywords: electronic electronic electronica electropop new wave pop postpunk subpop synthpop Berlin
label: Duchess Box Record https://www.facebook.com/duchessboxrecords/

Growing up with the music of Hanin Elias in my ears, it felt in all honesty like a true blessing. I remember it feeling much more then music; it was like a source for empowering your own thoughts and mind, a sparkling burst of adrenaline based consciousness that was different then coming from any other artist that I was aware off.
The Goths might have been dribbling in songs of sadness, but Hanin Elias her songs pointed out the things and instead of sounding hopeless, she filled them up with power and energy to do something about it: perhaps justifying the thoughts of like-minded open-minded peace loving individuals, but also liberating and opening up the more sheltered ones.

Now many years later her earlier works are unfortunately still as relevant as today. Not that I’m not grateful that these songs have never aged, but it’s also proof that the world that we live in is still very much fucked up.

But there is hope; things are changing, people waking up one by one, and see the things for what they really are… In this state of mind we might be feeling a bit hopeless at times, seeing soulless monsters attempting to ruin humanity for profit… It’s a bit of a heavy thing on the shoulders at times, a frustration of awakening; what can we do?

This is when ‘Hold Me’ comes in: A sensible brand new single of Hanin Elias featuring the brilliant Electrosexual. It’s like a reward for all our worries, a swan’s wing to find shelter under, a safe harbor ready for a cuddle, a strange romance of a dream, a sweet fantasy that sets the worry aside for a big hug, a thank you, and a boost of sweet love. These are the musical arms to feel comfort in!

Hold Me’ has this ultimate fat groove and flow that embraces you like a warm big squeeze, Hanin Elias her feverish voice fills up the warmth in this magical soup of irresistible music. Everything is hot and thirsty, like a poisonous touch of something so good that it will melt all the bad things down. The wettest baseline and the retro aspects of distant ravers memory delights; it all creates a serious sensual swing that will even get the tower of Pisa straight up again! It’s like an intimate moment of wishful wishes blown into the ears, like a cuddle of the best intentions comforting and heating up the flowers inside with a loving ray of sunlight.

And then there is Kraken which feels like a cigarette after a session in which lots of things have gotten intimately steamy. This is a sensual session of shivering glow that is as mystique and sensual as it is beautiful. Within the music a dramatic undertone reveals itself like a shimmering darkness, leaving the ears with a mystified mist to ponder about. A fresh breeze to calm the hotness down, making it a perfect ending of this single to place the comforted listener back on its feet.

But this is not the end, as there is a lot more to hold on too. First of all the ‘Hold Me (No More Remix). A hissy and vocal brew of joyful and sexy pop is what this remix seems to be about. It has a high vibe, something very sweet and pretty; like a fantasy, one of unicorns that take our ears for lucid flights of kindness over happy good looking rainbows in order to escape everyday nonsense and troubles. Good and happy vibes that are sounding like pure light. It’s a medicine in music form! Highly recommend material to remove the gloom and spread the intimate love all over the planet.

Hold Me (No More) might be a good reason to let go, as the next remix on the release is one that needs all your arms, legs and other body parts normally used to cuddle and hug. Dancing is what this is about; a great exercise that goes so superbly well together with the LaNoia remix. Everything is present; irresistible beats, thick wicked synthesizer awesomeness and of course the romance that is drenched all over these tracks. Highly recommended to hold in your music collection!

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