Anti-Yugo & Nazi Grinder Machine – Demo 2

Artists: Anti-Yugo & Nazi Grinder Machine
title: Demo 2
keywords: experimental noisecore experimental grindcore noise noise rock Belgrade
label: Confusion Specialist Records
reviewer: Simon Hit

Anti-Yugo & Nazi Grinder Machine’s Demo 2 might be a demo, but that doesn’t mean it should be disregarded as one piece of fluff. This Demo is like multiple thorns pressed in someone’s eyes, a screeching madness of pain and violence that is as extreme as sitting in a bath full red ants while your head is nonstop being battered with multiple baseball bats, chairs, and the occasional bucket full of flesh eating acid… To make it more psychotic there is after every shot of violence a nasty crash that seems to laugh like a musical intermezzo in your (obviously) traumatized face.

It strangely made me think of watching a standup comedy show of Jerry Seinfield (oh the horror!), with Jerry’s talking part completely filled with torment and wildly inducing blasts of pain & the lame stops after each joke is filled up with the menacing crash that laughs at the whole tormenting situation. For a Demo it’s pretty much material that already inflicts potential seizures and internal ear bleedings. Got to try it out!

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