Jimi Kagawa feat. Sina Khani – YES MONEY

artists: Jimi Kagawa feat. Sina Khani
title: YES MONEY
keywords: Fresh Immigrant Hymne #‎showmethemoney
label: Blowpipe Records https://www.facebook.com/blowpiperec
reviewer: Simon Hit

No, No, No, you can’t and shouldn’t really resist the following song and accompanying video clip! You’ve really got no reason to skip it, even though it’s all about the money; enjoying this stuff on Youtube is completely free of charge! In fact the time spend watching this spectacular music video clip might actually save you money!
Did I already mentioned ‘Money’?

Martial arts dancer and singer Jimi Kagawa has teamed up with jolly taxi driver Sina Khani to educate you the important lesson; never say No, No, No to money! Always say Yes Yes Yes to money! It makes sense, imagine taxis driving random Asian rock stars everywhere without being paid in hard earned money at each end of the ride? And who dances to the Dutch folklore beats, mixed with the traditional Asian aspects without money in their hands? Yes! Thought so! Without Yes towards money; no play and no game!

This is the song and video in which it’s all about dancing, driving, and flashing the money and saying ‘yes’. The message is obviously clear; say yes to money and things happen! It’s all about the money, honey and saying ‘No’ simply doesn’t get you nowhere. See it’s even in the word; NOwhere.

Actually… someone should give me some money to write all this….
Anyway here is the good looking duo and the anthem that all who loves to accept money will love to hear: Yes Money!

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