Comp Collider – Staring At A Sunset While Facing The Wrong Direction

Artist: Comp Collider
title: Staring At A Sunset While Facing The Wrong Direction
keywords: rock improvisation krautrock postrock Beijing

Comp Collider is not a collider for compilations, but a new project by Dan Lenk (Luv Plasitk, Death Narcissist) and Michael Cupoli (Noise Arcade). They are not very clear about what genre their music within this project falls under, throwing up things like post-rock, kraut rock, and even some box called ‘psychedelic’. Oh, and it’s recorded in Beijing, China! (isn’t it fancy?)

Listening with my own fresh ears to the very lengthy (more than 18 minutes!) ‘I Write To Remember’ I can even make some genres up for these guys. Wonky-psych-rock, impro-stoner-rock, or perhaps ‘whateverwillbewillbepostrock’. It’s fair to say that ‘impro-rock’ will probably the best genre to stick the whole lot in, a box with enough free space to be free to play whatever this Dan & Michael want to play.

I Write To Remember’ is a good example of them being all over the place, and yet keeping the walls, floors and ceilings of this place as their domain of togetherness. It’s probably best to say that it’s a process of them being inspired by the moment and each other, sometimes the sparkles of inspiration are low and at other times they go beyond the capacity of the human mind. From heavy crunchy material with the guitars growling like a lion, to the drums as loud and crudely like a chef cook hitting the entire cooking set of pots and pans into multiple pieces. It’s a continuous flow of ideas and sparkles that gets created on the spot, some of them okay and others touching up the marvelous factor. At moments like that I could see rock stars that had gone beyond the afterlife smiling towards Comp Collider in approval.

Another session of this duo is captured as ‘living in the moment’ a track title that for sure seems to capture the whole attitude of Comp Collider. They do whatever that comes up, making it not only a session of music that might surprise a listener, but most notoriously probably also the musicians themselves. But for the moment it’s clear that a large part of this track seems to be a bit more thought out; a heavy load at the beginning that then changes into a more laid-back trip rock thing that with its wonky aspects feels like the guys are making it up as they go along. And when I thought that the improvisation would turn into some cheesy material the lads would smartly reintroduce the bombastic load of the beginning. It gets calmer after that, but here I feel that the duo has found the right balance to indeed form music of the psychedelic kind. Here we are freely freed from possible prejudice and them searching for the right flow and feel; here it’s time to bounce heads along with the psychedelic rock to places yet not explored before.

The last one on the release is ‘drunk and sloppy’ a title that suggest perhaps that it won’t be good, but actually it sounds like a load of good fun. Perhaps the drunk players feel more free to play like they just don’t care, which could easily be heard and felt by the ears of music appreciating listening listeners. But even if you aren’t one of them and are perhaps drunk yourself; dancing in a state of intoxication is also an excellent way to deal with this track. Of course there are the sloppy parts, but who really cares? It’s too loud to ponder about such stupid details, and when the track shifts unexpectedly into an out of this world gear of awesomeness; I can only say; Eureka! And hooray for boozed up musicians! Check it out over here:

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