Milzenvirgil – Houses, woodcuts

Artist: Milzenvirgil
Title: Houses, woodcuts
keywords: lo-fi, experimental, free-rock, Hungary
band on FB:
reviewer: Arnold Nonymous

Milzenvirgil is a selfclaimed lo-fi, experimental, free-rock band from Hungary.
They are working on their debut album, and use a cassette recorder to record all the track on. The guitar is being played by Sándor Kaszás, the bass by Kornél Bíró and the drums are done by Gergely Csende.

Houses, woodcuts… Milzenvirgil claimed this title for their showcasing track, and I can only say that both the track and the title was not what I had prepared myself for. Not that I’m prepared for anything, just the band’s email made me strangely think of a rock band that had send a spectacular video; but instead the music wasn’t your average work of one in a hundred, and the video… Well the video was actually a still of a photo, although I kept staring at it, hoping there was a microscopic camera movement within this shot. I thought it moved for a split second, but that might just have been me tilting my own head a bit.

Anyway, Houses, woodcuts… You might think that this would sound a bit concrete, something that comes with additional sentiment that always seems to come with wooden material, but it actually sounds more dreamy and a bit black and white. Black and White as in a silent movie.. Not a comical one like, but something more artistic, something with a landscape perhaps.. Or indeed a still black and white picture that forces you to fill in the rest of the story by your own imagination.

The music is a combination of busy and minimal guitar work, one taking it easy in a way that isn’t easy to be done when the guitarist is in a hurry or stressed. The relaxed tempo that is played is one to stare at a distance with, but the track involves another layer of guitar orientated sound that are perhaps the opposite of this calm relaxedness. I might even describe it as the sound of a monster that lurks around, in search for a relaxed and soothed listener to much upon. Its practical audio material for a yet-to-be-made cinematographic wordless master piece, but for now probably enough to dip your own imagination in. Ah, here it is + the black and white picture to look at:

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1 Response to Milzenvirgil – Houses, woodcuts

  1. Linda says:

    Tastes good, tastes for more!

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