tooth_eye – Raw Data Onii-chan Desu!

Artist: tooth_eye
title: Raw Data Onii-chan Desu!
Keywords: raw data noise punk grindcore harsh noise noise power electronics punk Detroit
format: tape / digital
label: TRASHFUCK Records

Raw Data Onii-chan Desu! It’s the latest release created by tooth_eye, and released by TRASHFUCK Records and is one ride of pure raw data noise. It is available on a great eye-appealing tape, and a highly recommended precious gift for anyone who loves DIY and the sound of raw data.
And who doesn’t like data raw?
The sound is like an audio session of a stretched out glitch, something that is abstract and moving, yet without showing any sign of human emotion. The soundtrack gets surprise visits of apparent thickness at random corners; for sure keeping the soundtrack always on the edge. To me the whole movement of the raw data noise is having a similar effect as hearing crickets in the backyard; it is enriching the emptiness and bizarrely calming me down into a state of calm and relaxedness. This is definitely a release that should be kept close to the bedside for an instant comforting effect.

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