TwichGarden – Rising Dark EP

artist: TwichGarden
title: Rising Dark EP
keywords: electronic ambient dubtechno Madrid
label: Kopoc Label

TwichGarden knows how to tickle the sensual senses, and by listening to ‘Terra-Selena’ it’s clear that this is done with such a cool air of pure confidence. The bass and beat is as tight like a virgins love temple, but the sexy smoothness of wordless hotness makes everything float in a relaxed and horny way.

The next track ‘Podkayne’ keeps this cool flair, filling it up with the perfect combo of tightness and sweet sensual flotations in music. Deep and clear synthesizer material that are of a serene cold beauty flow on a undisturbed laid-back beat; heaven for ice-people that even though they are hot, they will never melt.

The sexual vibe of the album keeps it’s grip on another cool but hot sounding ‘Troublemaker’. The steady rhythm feels hopelessly romantic; something for a guiding guidance between lovers deep between the bed sheets. Something that could be also be fairly said about another track named ‘Unleashed’. It’s the fragile electronic melody that makes it romantic, while the hot and steamy high hat seducing beat is the generator of all vibe of steamy hotness.

To feel even a bit more assured about it all, TwichGarden also included ‘Your Beauty Will Never Fade’ on this album. This is one track that kindly caresses your ears while it simply sings unspeakable words of complimentary beauty in both your ears. To end this essential sensual album in style, there is ‘Rising Dark (As Outro), which seems to rise a soothing darkness upon the romantic listening session. See it as the nightfall, one made out of shiny stars to stare at with a loved one, or perhaps alone with dirty thoughts and a made-up invisible friend. Whatever you do when listening to this release; it’s recommended cool and sensual material to play when things get intimately intimate.

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