Addicted to LOVATARAXX

keywords: alternative coldwave electropop new wave synthesiser drumbox synthwave Grenoble

Out of our minds, on top of steamy clouds, twirling in a void of sweaty sweat created by the dancing lunatics who are occupying the slippery dance floor. Our hands clap on the claps of the rhythm, our elastic legs wobble on the base kick, and our ears are penetrated by the voice of hotness. Our necks are twisting like an electric owl high on a a freshly swallowed intoxicated mouse, our bellies are a brew of manic jumps that jump for joy. This is a state of mind, body and what’s left of our souls while being exposed to the hypnotic power electro madness provided by the musical dope dealers named LOVATARAXX!
a2349940591_16When drugged up on this musical dope you can expect nothing but goodness as a reward. Ex junkies that had been highly hooked on the provided melodies of LOVATARAXX are still out of this world, humming along synthesizer lines by sucking them up through their noses and ears, as well as freaking everyone out by playing air-bass like some spastic addict on the highest height of their LOVATARAXX intake! And you can’t blame them, as one little sniff of the music of LOVATARAXX and you too will be sold to their sounds… Begging to hear more…
a1800580783_16But don’t get me wrong, this is a happy place; a great addiction! Besides the supply of splendid material by LOVATARAXX is filled with love and jolly goodness. It isn’t the kind of stuff that makes you down or sleazy, it’s the thing to be hooked on and be happy and up about! Non LOVATARAXX listeners might notice how happy you are, and the best thing to do is tell them all about LOVATARAXX and offer them some tunes to hear! We can all be positively addicted to whatever LOVATARAXX cooks up as whatever is being dealt; it’s jolly good material!
If you are in the neighborhood, it’s a good thing to come this upcoming Saturday to Gifgrond, Tilburg, the Netherlands as there LOVATARAXX will provide the audience with freshly made music to get superbly high and happy on! But if you can’t wait, or just are a bit too far away for now, please suck up the massive amount of tunes at their official online home:

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1 Response to Addicted to LOVATARAXX

  1. linda says:

    yes yes yes, it is a drug. I take a hit after hit, only hits on bandcamp. I demand an album! MOoaarrrrr!! I will indulge in this new synthetique drug @ gifgrond 4 sure! Who comes dance with me? Common and dance!

    Speaking off, I only know a few YIKIS frequenters that also frequent gifgrond. Any Dutch/Belgian visitors that are to be persuaded for this festive event? Would be nice to meet some faces 🙂 I promise I won’t remember, it’s the moment that counts, right… ;D The party, the drugz, the hip atmosphere, the musique, the DJ that knows how to knit these strings of intoxicated laughs and listens and movements and funs. Well, you catch my drift.

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