Meagan Johnson – Very Young and Early Werx

artist: Meagan Johnson
title: Very Young and Early Werx
keywords: deep detroit techno electronic experimental idm truth underground electronica leftfield electronic multi-genre techno United States
label: Run On Recordings

There is nothing better than a throbbing beat to get yourself pumped up and energized by. The young and early tracks done by Meagan Johnson in ‘MTV music generator 2’ are the needed medicine for all in need for such a thing. Think techno with a minimal cute after bite to it all. It makes me feel like some ritual warrior armed with glow sticks instead of spears. But these items might as well be of melting materials as Meagan Johnson also uses the beloved bubbling acid sounds to fulfill our needs within this collection of tunes. A whole retro spectrum seems to be scratched upon when the producer also had managed to slip in some old school sounding synth pads for atmospheric delights.

The high-hats and claps orientated tracks even bring back memories of sitting in a train, bus, van, airplane while listening to the sounds that came out of other travelers their headphones. There weren’t a lot of them, but the ones listening through these headphones to these kind of beats had them always loudly playing in their ears in public transport, totally keeping the outside world outside and keeping the movement in line with the never ending flow of electric rhythms: I’ve always found these travelers fascinating, so these kind of memories generated by Meagan Johnson early works are a nice welcoming extra upon listening. Besides if you are such a traveler that enjoys these high hats loud enough to share it with everybody by blasting it loudly through your headphones for everyone else to hear; this album is definitely something for you!

If I have to mingle my own personal taste into this opinion of a review, I would like to say that I fancy the ‘Pornographic Fish Wife’, not only because of the great appealing title but also (and foremost!) because of how it sounds. You can hear that it’s early and young, but somehow it appeals to me & strangely even makes me laugh; a good thing! Laughing keeps the face young and makes the mind grow a little (so I’ve been told…). It’s one repetitive thing with electric strings and hop hop beats & it feels authentic and quite cute. Another favorite is perhaps Testarix which has that jolly cowbell feeling and a simple but fun loving electric melody that also works well on the cheekbones and smiling zone of the face. In general it’s a beat orientated old school young and early techno fest, and with so many tracks on this release it’s a real pleasure if you are indeed into such a thing. I would say good stuff for on the road, rails or traveling in general!

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