Various Artists – Serial Killers

artists: Various
title: Serial Killers
cat: SGR00017
keywords: SGR, Ghh Shl, Wrath of Alien, Failure, Noise, HNW
label: Strange Guy Records

Ghh Shl, The artist that was formally known as Vaginal Ass is starting this triple split with what sounds like a noised-up collage of a cloud full of sharp cluttering knives. It cuts and cuts until there is obviously nothing more to cut. In fact the blades of these knives might cut each other so much that they become sharper and sharper until they are sharp enough to dissolve themselves by being cut up in multiple minuscule pieces of noise dust. It takes some time perhaps for such a state to be developed, but the sound road towards this happening is one that is done loud and clear. Good thing is that by listening to such a track it can be done from a distance, making sure no knife (or psychopathic artist) is able to cut your ears off; perfect material for safe listening!

Then there is a track done by Failure. this one is compared to the previous heard work much more spaced out. It’s not a happening of sharp knives but more a case of being stuck in some kind of moment in time in the middle of a heavy storm. Strangely for a psychopathic themed trio split it feels quite together, smooth and not unappealing. Perhaps that’s the whole idea; making you feel all relaxed and happy with your hairs in the wind of this storm while some weirdo is ready to slip in from behind with some twisted things on the mind.

That is perhaps a bit how Wrath of Alien’s work comes across over here. It’s a ear shaking case of harsh noise wall, a bit sharp with a crushing push that comes quite as a shocker after Failure’s work. It’s a bit as if someone has pushed you in a hole and a whole load of cement is being crushed in, filling up the eyes, nose, ears and other body openings with soon to be rock hard material. It’s time to become a wall!

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