Это гавнич – Треки

artist: Это гавнич
title: Треки
keywords: musique concrete, abstract, lobit
label: Genetic Trance http://genetic-trance.jimdo.com
reviewer: Leo Obit

To be honest, I don’t have a lot of time today. See me as that rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, nonstop watching the clock and running around in a hurry.
Still I have a minute to share, so I thought to share it with you and some ‘music’.
The lucky one in the promotional eye to spend this moment with is Это гавнич’s release named Треки and of course you.
Yes, I can see you from over here and you are looking good!
But I can also hear this release over here,
and can strangely see that you are not hearing it over there yet…
Might I be able to convince you to turn this stuff on?
Ah, I can see you almost smiling..
While its a slight smirk, but I count it as a quick smile;
thank you for the good vibes.
Anyway no time for more bullshit, so lets get to the point:


This is Genetic Trance its 680th release and sounds rather odd perhaps. It begins with a little tiny melody, something that made me feel like a promotional melody for when you step into a brand new car.Then some crazy person (probably the artist) freaks out with some blabla followed by a loud fart. Can’t say that wasn’t avant-garde, but might as well be overlapped with the genre of ‘Avant-fart’.

What comes after such a glorious sounding intro? Well it might have to do with that picture of a car as the album artwork, but it sound like the artist has circuit bend the horn of a car to make some freaky weird stuff out of it.
It sounds electronic, but wild, a bit manic… I would imagine a potential buyer sitting in a car and totally getting an attack of idiotic behavior. It sounds pretty good for wasting a couple of your precious minutes away.
And after all this, there is some authentic music passing the sound-waves, and it feels like its a drinking song that fits a quick little boost of a glass of vodka! Cheers!

Okay, I’ve got to go! Check you later, alligator!

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1 Response to Это гавнич – Треки

  1. linda says:

    That was an interesting quicky 😉

    In a while crocodile!

    As a thanx for that Ozzie specialized in kids music… (https://yeahiknowitsucks.wordpress.com/2016/04/14/the-animals-of-the-magical-mountains-the-animals-of-the-magical-mountains/) I had never seen my partner in crime cringe that much. 😀

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