Various Artists – Interpretation Of Universal Transmissions – IOUT Open Mixtape 2015

Artists: Various
title: Interpretation Of Universal Transmissions – IOUT Open Mixtape 2015
keywords: 8-bit chiptune electronic amiga chipmusic dance demoscene famitracker gameboy lsdj micromusic nintendo California
label: Interpretation Of Universal Transmissions
reviewer: Sherlock Bolmes

I just put on my detective hat and brought my magnifier and trademark cigar as companionship to this little story. It all started a few minutes ago when I thought fondly of one of my favorite 1bit tunes producers of all time; irrlicht project. After his mega album ‘Dat Fuzz‘ and various world tours, it had become a bit of a mystery of what and where this underground bleep star has been continuing its practice of reprogramming calculators to form a private army of love to take over the world…

Someone whispered in my ears that Irrlicht Project was almost brought to an end by a dangerous and troubled exposure of wild life from Australia. Luckily I could smell that Irrlicht Project had survived and that he was closer then I (and maybe you?) thought he would be. In fact, he might be hanging and hiding out in this chip tune compilation. I have no choice to go and follow the trail of fear for koalas and Australian cocks coming from Irrlicht’s armpits and find him before it’s too late.. Fancy helping me?

It’s not even a bad search in this massive chip tune compilation. I mean opening with the positively sounding Autobyte’s Five Sounds is like a refreshing bucket of happy singing birds that know how to drum splashed all in your face; good thing, I’m wearing a detective hat.

Than jumping through the bleepy wasteland of Menacibg Free Magic by Sonus Silver. I feel so active and happy jumping over blobs and sine waves that the search for Irrlicht Project within this compilation feels as if he is a princess awaiting somewhere at the end of the game. Sonus Silver simply kicks with fussy beats and amazingly pretty game music that it makes me feel like I’m holding a sword instead of a magnifier! Energetic stuff and great programming to get your head twisted in all kinds of exciting and twisted corners. The show must go on! The princess must be saved!

Going through the beat boxing beeps of BUS Blanchie’s Gendō Ikari feels like listening to the best complimentary action music for a scene of the best positive fighting scene ever to be screened on a pixelated television. The beats, the melodies; it’s magical and pretty! I completely start to forget why I started this journey, and that probably means that this music is pretty excellent.

Completely different in feel and vibe is Florian Olsson’s Helsefyr. It feels as if I’m inside a chip tune discotheque with disco balls at the ceiling and all kinds of legendary game figurines dancing together in cheeky and Nasty ways. Mario riding Luigi’s leg, and Yoshi showing of the glow in the dark magic mushrooms in the middle of the dance floor… Did anyone see the princess?

Yeah, I think it’s best to call Irrlicht Project by its official name on my searching journey. A research with unfortunately still no results in the search action, but luckily lots of music to be happy about.

Geech’s Commando is one hell of a cool track, strictly providing a war field with machine guns, army commandos and other tough sounding artifacts in melodic form. I’m dodging bullets and granted while hearing this all..

No Irrlicht Project in sight! Hope he didn’t step on a pixel chip tune mine!

Ah, good times are here to stay and I completely forget all my failures while listening to the excellent sounding Drozerix’s Reloaded Insanity. The music is just so superbly groovy, beepy and funky. Excellent solos of pure epic ness; making me as a listener feel oh so good! On top of the world! An anthem of feeling excellent!

I found someone, or perhaps parts of it… Might this be my friend and hero Irrlicht Project? … Nope… It’s Half A Person with a superbly cute tune!

Half A Person’s Dirty 7s is superbly sweet and so full of love, and it swings too. The melody, the rhythm; everything is so nice and it made me happy and smile from ear to ear; good vibes are here to stay!

Oh my chip tune lords of lords! I think while searching for Irrlicht Project I’ve died and came to heaven. Or well that’s how Feryl ‘s Broken Patterns makes me feel. This is the sound of beepy heaven, so kind and welcoming. I got really sad when it stopped, but was caressed with kindness by the next track.

This warm and loving love fest is hardmint ‘a 夜空のキッス (Night Sky Kiss) and it simply smothers my heart with the sound of sweet romance and innocent kisses. It was a very short lived exposure, but just makes you feel so good, eh?

Who was it I was searching for? What was the reason to hear this compilation dressed as a detective for? Was someone lost? A princess? A young puppy or perhaps a cat? Something with a ‘project’? Hmm I can’t seem to remember…

havocCc’s Rising Blue makes me feel up and happy; I don’t give a shit about my mission in life anymore; all i care is dancing to these sounds of happiness! What a love, what a sound, what a magic that is melody and how powerful the crush in happy beat is! Happiness!

Uh.. Really… I don’t remember who I was searching for in this release.. Anyone has a clue? Maybe you Imaginary friend?

Imaginary’s The Past Is A Prison is a instant wild unexpected harsh fight of chip tune extreme, completely crazy sounding which is perfect as that’s the kind of mood you’ll get in when being so deep in a search for something you forgot that you are searching for. Instead dancing to this insanity of Imaginary is so much fun, wickedly done and super dope!

The dancing madness continues in extreme punk beep forms through the excellent programmed sounds of
irrlicht project’s Showdown. This is madness; the baseline is so wickedly well done and awesome that it gives me the shivers! Hairs are standing up all over my entire body and that without the use of gel. This is an anthem for a movie, a dramatic action thriller with a dark calculator as the evil overlord… Wait… Calculator? It rings a bell..

Ah no time to think and stand still for clues as .Keanu.’s Dance Party At Kea’s House is on now! I’m really enjoying this light entertainment, standing at the bar, moving my arms up and down to inhale from my cigar and fill up my liver with pixel alcohol. This is the sound of a happy party, and when a kick kicks in it even feels like an imaginary bartender tells me that it’s time to go to listen to the next track.

This is Ampliflyer’s 2007 and it has everything a electronic music lover could fall in love with. It has the breaks, the drops and the upsweeping happiness that makes you want to hop around like a happy frog in a banana costume! 2007, I can’t remember shit; must have been an excellent year! 🙂

Another feel good tune with commercial feel for radio friendly goodness is the lovely sounding Symphony of Apathy by Laffe The Fox. The beat is pounding and the melody is high in a summer vibe; nothing negative to be seen or heard here; all is happy and up!

A little bit more experimental with the underline of ‘mental’ is Lack Of Sound’s Perserverance Through Destruction which feels like the perfect active and odd soundtrack for a mission of searching for something but you can’t remember what or who. It’s a bit silly, but also a lot of fun! The right tune for the moment…

I guess I was still searching for someone on this compilation… But who? My mother? Nah, can’t be!

Good that there is no time to think with so much excellent music around. I’m really enjoying Marshall Art’s They’re Like Locusts. It’s like a space psychedelic rock tune but perfectly played out on chip sounds with perhaps some additional awesomeness. It’s good material to headband your long hairs with, and if you don’t have them; might put on a mop on your head and use that! Just feels like you just need to headband while this tune does its thing!

Oh my! Yes I just borrowed that gay Startrek member’s catch phrase to announce the goodness that is Conquer Monster’s Posthuman. It sounds so good, so cool; amazingly perfect. With such weird effects that it made me think that there must have been a bit of non chip witting this production, but even if that’s true; it’s sounding pretty and superbly slick with its original glitchy bits and pieces within the coolness.

A more classic production of chip tune music is Nostalgic Story’s Back To Default, it gives the fat fussy base kicks and snares along with a nice moving melodic kind of sweetness. It is all that we need to create piece on earth, so it’s highly recommended for everyone to tune in into this kind of nostalgia.

And then there is the upbeat super star worthy dance party from Popsicle Theory’s No, I’m not a DJ. I’m circling in circles and seeing stars while this tune plays and it feels superbly good to dance over here… So sorry I can’t write anything; dancing too much!

A more chilled time is being served up by NEON’s Wondering, Wandering. This sounds very kind and sweet; good for cuddles and the exchange of love letters and cute scribbles and notes. Such wonderful music makes me feel all lovable, full of hope and a bit sentimental..

Then there is Back☆’s RunHome PlayNintendo which is simply so much love in highly beepy chip sounds that it’s almost out of this world how delicious it sounds! So beautiful, so sweet and kind; it makes me feel like giving my inner child a hand and dance together.

Paralax Sound Systems’s True Feelings is a grimier sounding melodic piece with a stepping beat to step around on. It’s a bit dark at first, which is hard to do and create while using the chip tune sound, but turns around in a more happier form halfway. It made my head go up and down along the rhythm, so that’s the biggest nod of approval coming from a stiff person’s neck.

Another excellent dark but active sounding evil track for the dance floor is Sudstep’s Devil’s Castle. It got everything you need to have it nasty; beats! A nasty melody and simply a vibe that makes you want to dance like you are obsessed by Satan himself. Good times!

YukiKakushi’s myMixer is definitely keeping the high spirits up to provide straight forward dancing material to all who had plugged into this chip tune friendly album. Hard kicks, happy vibes; only thing missing is some mind altering party medications!

Another cool tune with lots of vibe for funk and groove is powersupply’s Waterproof Pants. It has all these very neat sounding melodic parts along that it’s in general super material to be excited and thrilled about.

Infodrive’s Virtuous Reality keeps the vibe beeping and bleeping and the energy flowing. It’s a celebration that just keeps on giving!

Last place to search for whatever I was searching for is Yerzmyey’s Time Machine II.
The music replaces the need for guitars and rock virtuosos as this is chiptune at its finest. When it’s all finest, I wish to hear it all again. And perhaps I should, because I know I was searching for something or someone in this compilation but totally forgot who or what…

Wait.. This is the end of the chiptune compilation… Isn’t this the time that a Princess should be freed? Ah, I remember! Irrlicht Project! I was searching for Irrlicht Project!
I can trace the artist his smell in the following link, he must be closer than I thought!
Tune in people, help me search and enjoy the beeps!

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1 Response to Various Artists – Interpretation Of Universal Transmissions – IOUT Open Mixtape 2015

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    Catching up! I mean, I was looking in different places. Now I’ll follow the trail! From here I’ll go up in YIKIS, going to today. I’m behind, but I’m catching up. You see you’re looking for Irrlicht project? I think I’ll be looking for some toxic chicken instead. Something tells me there might be something on the way.. Aye mateys! Hats on! Spying glasses ready!

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