Banana House – Robotic Machine

Artist: Banana House
title: Robotic Machine
keywords: punk, grindcore, harsh noise, noise, power electronics, punk, Detroit

Lately reports seem to pop up of lonely male nerds creating robotic girl-look-a-likes for their perverted pleasures. Somehow I wish they would get a visit from Robotic Machine as that might teach these sexist technology lovers a well-deserved lesson. Robotic Machine would for sure bring these fembots to safety, but the creators would probably be subjected to electric shocks, painful sound waves and lots of burst of robotic power play: Something that will kick them so hard in the butt that they would spit out their own balls through their mouths…

This is not the friendly robotic sound made famous by electropop bands, but this is the sound of a giant robot kicking in doors, terrifying the streets and electrifying everyone in its own atomic ways. You can hear its laser beams filled with high voltage shooting out of its face; giving out heart attacks as if its candy produced in a toxic power plant.
I bet it’s a hard choice between picking up a fork and placing it in the electric socket, or facing this Robotic Machine on your way; but both will be worth of lots of electric shocks and thrilling new facial features on the ones being tormented.

Banana House’s Robotic Machine might be your best friend while aimed at your enemy, but if you are ‘the enemy’ you’ll probably end up half fried after its hazardous encounter. Lots of screeching sounds, vibrant shots and electric buzz that are set to kill you ears in a Robotic Machine way!

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1 Response to Banana House – Robotic Machine

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    We can safely conclude there’s not much chicken left here. If there was any, it has been professionally processed into grind/ground/grunt chicken. Tasty bits for sure, but damn that machine blasted a lot of noise in my ears (still had the volume up from searching at William Henry Meungs recordings).

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