Sasha Mishkin – Several Moments

artist: Sasha Mishkin
title: Several Moments
format: digital / Cassette tape
keywords: devotional indiepop singer-songwriter softpop soul spiritual synthpop Petrozavodsk
label: Mishkin Tapes

Synthesizer lovers unite, spread your wings and end in an endless love to satisfy all your needs in this excellent sounding album of Sasha Mishkin.
The artist sings on top of the best synthesizer sounds that he plays into psychedelic thrilling spacious future-retro-pop classics. The combination of Sasha’s voice and the electrifying sweetness of the energetic analogue sounding orgasms that is this music is one that is coming across as so pure and so immensely sincere that it will probably make listeners feel emotionally touched and electrified from its glorious sounding perfectness.

Seriously forget your old school heroes like Vangelis and Jarre, as this is next level sentiment done with such innocence and purism that it will be your instant number one in music form. The melodies, the basslines, the sweetness, the glorious vibe of pure sentiment and the perfect togetherness of it all is the perfect soothing medicine for all your troubles. This is synthpop heaven, and it’s romantic too! It will bring happiness and hippy atmospheres of forgotten times back to the moments of now; and ‘wow’ it sounds so full of love and sincerity, it made me cry… beautiful!


This beautiful meditative synth loving soothing softpop album is also available on a super cute looking cassette tape! The cute little knitted bear approves!

This album might be called just ‘several moments’ but I would like to add the word of ‘Beautiful’ in the middle. It’s a memorable openness that is showcased here, perfectly warm and sweet; better than a comforting cuddle for the ears then this is probably impossible. Sasha Mishkin manages to roll out such pretty songs in the most lovable sounding music form with additional light weight additional percussion that it simply feels like sucking up my own thumb and roll up in fetus position from pure happiness.


The cute bear is ready to send you this love-able must have tape for your enjoyment; who can resist?

The organic organ-like melodies, the perfect bassline constructions, the well thought and build song and music structures… It’s a true bliss for the ears, slowly but surely bringing a feeling of inner and outer peace to the listener. It’s a nice process, starting with pure enthusiasm and then slowly captivating a more relaxing vibe for musical healing purposes. It’s a hypnotic inducement that is going on here, feeling innocent and sweet but determent to deliver the best soothing chill out music for instant meditative smoothness. Truly a remarkable and highly recommended album, so dive into it and enjoy these several beautiful moments with both your ears, heart and soul:

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2 Responses to Sasha Mishkin – Several Moments

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    Sailing, it feels more like drifting, to the quieter places of the world. Those that for sure would be appreciated by Irrlicht project. I do not expect the hyper toxic chicken here. However, there is an animal. A bear you say? Upon closer examination I would say this is a cat in a dress.

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