William Henry Meung – Emily Bloodbuzz / Killing the Innocent

Artist: William Henry Meung
title: Emily Bloodbuzz / Killing the Innocent
keywords: experimental ambient drone loops Dunedin

What was once recorded in the studio of William Henry Meung at None Gallery 2014 on a little black tape deck, had nicely found a home on the artist his digital Bandcamp account. A place that made it easier for people that aren’t in reach of the mysterious black tape deck, to basically hear what William Henry Meung had recorded. It’s honestly a good thing, as what William Henry Meung had captured first on his black tape recorder and what has now nestled on the digital highway is one recording that might be highly of your interest.

There is not a lot sounding like it, so no need to throw comparisons or even attempt to find something that might have similarities as it might be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Because of its originality it makes it difficult for me to talk about it in a non-vague way; it’s just not describable in any other way.

So what does it sound like? I guess the material that William Henry Meung had recorded on his black tape deck might be interpreted by all individuals in a different way. It’s that kind of recording; open for ideas, your own imagination and thoughts. My personal listening session was a bit like a strange dream; I felt like being in a rusty attic after opening a magical treasury box: Strange colors, animal instincts, glitter, smoke, wild life and fairies roaming around in a state of half dream and half a wake. This was just my little discovery over here, but your personalized own one might be waiting for you at the following link:

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2 Responses to William Henry Meung – Emily Bloodbuzz / Killing the Innocent

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    Backwards, forwards, sideways, stretch! No, no chickens here 😦 A lovely inner-/outerworld experience instead ❤

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