Quint Baker – Cruel Trix

artist: Quint Baker
title: Cruel Trix
keywords: pop quint baker rock acoustic guitar love songs new pop rock singer-songwriter songs songwriter synthpop Los Angeles

Reading praising reviews with lots of complimentary feathers planted in an albums’s ass might be a bit boring to read according Quint Baker, the artist whose projects I always like to put on a shelf to carry it around like some figure out of an Asterix and Obelix cartoon.
He wants to know what people think; what they really, really think of his music. I hope that doesn’t mean that Quint thinks that (even though we might be a secret parody site..) not all the compliments are coming from our real thoughts, or perhaps that there is another layer to it..

As one of the people; I can try to think about it…

Well, it’s difficult. I mean it’s difficult to know what someone thinks and what someone really, really thinks. I’m honest enough to admit that with Quint’s work that I do really like it. So that might be a problem as praising reviews are perhaps not a lot of fun to read, maybe not even helpful for the artist itself to learn from, to get better, and become finally untouchable in its artistry…
When I like something it’s hard to focus on parts that could have been better within the music. I mean, I easily get carried away by the tracks and the tunes & before you know it I’ve plucked so many feathers out of my own ass to plant it into the ass of a album that I enjoy at that very moment in time, that my ass in fact seems rather bare and a bit chilly.

I guess for getting that extra layer of criticism and helpful critique from me is having that level in the music that doesn’t sound good, or half way there, or just doesn’t seem to be made with the full potential. I don’t know.. It’s a rare thing over here at YIKS and when it comes, it’s most of the times things like ‘tracks end terribly’ , ‘tunes are too short’ , ‘music is too long’ , ‘stuff doesn’t fit together’ , ‘can’t get into it’ , ‘boring shite’ or other sexual dilemmas…
Pretty rare, but they do happen.

Quint might seem like an artistic fruitcake, but it’s (here comes another feather!) nothing like that. I mean, what I really, really think is that he is an actual perfectionist and knows damn well what he is doing. His music is very together, his art, collages and self-presence is all one.. And even if an album isn’t up to his own standards , he will feel it that way, so don’t try to tell him otherwise, as he is simply said; a smart Quinty.

I guess it’s best for you lot at home to listen to his music projects and try to tell what you really, really think of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s negative, or positive, or something in the middle. Quint just wants to know what you think of his music and there is no right or wrong in what you really, really think of it.
I guess you might as well start to really, really think of what you really, really think when listening to this album over here named ‘Cruel Trix’. I will do my best to really think to say what I really, really think of it. First track is Bed of Roses… I’m sorry, can’t think of anything that I really, really think of it. It’s quite jolly, summery, perhaps too loopy, but not too much. It was good that there was a voice in there as without it, it wouldn’t have been the same.

‘Girls Love Fun’ is another jolly work with active beat, lyrics and funky stuff. It made me think of how good it would be of Quint and Tonetta777 would be doing a duet together one day in the future. I can’t find anything a critique would say… The music just don’t get that ‘what do I really, really think’ vibe over it, as I simply like it all. So sorry to disappoint…
With ‘Meet Me Tonight’ I really have to refrain myself of plucking the left over feathers of praise from my buttocks as otherwise I’ll probably stick them all right in the ass of this track. It’s simplicity, the mysterious Arabic versus synth melody and woodblock is just simply nothing to be critical about. I seriously really, really think its already great. I guess I’m not helpful at all, but maybe you have a different opinion while listening to this music?
I mean try to say something negative or at least something that could have been better while listening to the sweet and romantic sounding ‘the touch of love’… I certainly can’t!

Same with ‘Honestly, I Love You’. I can only say that I really, really think that the one who is at the receiving end of the love of Quint must be a very lucky person. I guess the music is filled with enough love to make us feel good too. Honestly, I really, really think hard what I think besides that it’s good… Perhaps the beat could have a little bit more variation over here… Oh hell, I guess that’s something!

I give up, I seriously give up trying to find a deeper layer in thoughtful critique to benefit the artistic growth of Quint Baker. I really, really like how it all sounds as it sounds. The rhythms, the romantic determent voice, the style and melodies.. I’m just not of any help over here, so please, please listen to this album (or any project of this artist) and help him out by trying to tell him what you really, really think while hearing it…


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4 Responses to Quint Baker – Cruel Trix

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  2. Quint says:

    Reblogged this on Alien Pop Band and commented:
    Oooh this gets under my skin ouch

  3. Sherocks moles says:

    Having to scroll down to page 7 of the blog in order to continue my quest on finding some chicken is a little demotivating. So much to go through, so difficult to keep up!

    But I’ll try and hope to succeed in the quest afterall. The seducing trix of Quint are real cruel ‘tho…. no chicken found but lured into a bed of roses instead.

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