Graffiti Mechanism – Chicago

artist: Graffiti Mechanism
title: Chicago
keywords: Lo Fi, lobit, circuit bending, calculator, hip hop, cool, groundbreaking, 8kbps, sexy music, techno, experimental, live electronica
label: Top Of The Flops
reviewer: Leo Obit

Graffiti Mechanism’s Chicago is what I would call a very innovative release, under the banner of ‘Chicago’. In fact, Chicago should be very proud, as well as all the people coming from Chicago.
Graffiti Mechanism’s Chicago is not just a innovative sounding release, it IS an innovative release.
Why is that you may ask?
Well ‘Chicago’ is made on circuit bent calculators!
What? Yes! Calculators!

Chicago and Calculators are forever blended together in historic history with this epic and unforgiving release by the king of the underground.
If you had been watching that zone in the last year, you might have noticed that the producer responsible for ‘Chicago’ has been keeping a low profile,
but we can assure you from a very good source (the source itself being the actual innovative producer) that he is alright and still high on cheap coffee and even cheaper beers.

In fact, might these two favorite hobbies of Graffiti Mechanism have been a part in circuit bending these calculators to indeed create ‘Chicago’?
It wouldn’t be such a weird idea if a coffee cup would have emptied its coffee on a calculator, or a beer (or both). Graffiti Mechanism simply doesn’t throw things away, or take things for granted; but will indeed use spectacular innovative ways to indeed create music not yet done before.

For super fans of Graffiti Mechanism, this release might be a bit of a special one, but all innovative artists have the freedom of expression and dig in their own ground working ways to complete their repertoire. If you are searching for the acid and the bubbling bubbles to bang your head on made by Graffiti Mechanism, or perhaps the noisier bits; the gates of the internet are wide open for a delicious search party. But if you want to hear ‘Chicago’ made by Graffiti Mechanism and his calculators, then this link is the place to click:

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