Mono Syntax – Data Transfer 386

artist: Mono Syntax
title: Data Transfer 386
keywords: Genetic Trance, experimental, minimalsm, noise, ambient, dark, drone, industrial, avantgarde, pavia, milano, italy, lobit, lofi
label: Genetic Trance
reviewer: Leo Obit

Data transfer is a hot topic throughout the years,
not only does the speed and ways of data transferring change,
but also the sounds that the traveling data makes.
Luckily the internet is a vault for the good moments of audible data transfer sounds, and this release by Mono Syntax from back in the day a preserved beauty for enjoyment back then and now, in the so called far future.

With excitement and the right intentional tension you can thrill your ears with the sound of data loading. And while it loads, it also loads its audio output deep within your ears, almost as if you are a computer being fed with new (or actually old) information. The beauty of this is not just the tension and excitement of the whole loading data sound experience, but also that it sounds so nice and authentic in that glossy lobit format; making it just one top notch more dustier then any brand new super high speed clean cut sounds of data processing that are barely audible for the ears these days.

Also on this release are the data tones. The data tones are pretty active, not unlike the tones you would hear nowadays that go up like dog whistles and down like muffled sand worms shouting through a megaphone.. No, these data tones are much more stable, more pleasant for the ears; however the data tones seem to be focusing more on rhythm, on a pattern to follow your own brainwaves along with. It’s simply not from now, giving us an opportunity to look back and hear things that we might have missed, but would appreciate for sentimental passionate ways.

Last bit on this release consist of the Processor. This is another moment in which mechanic tears from longing to the good old days might fall on your super modern EggPhone, Bablet, or PieWatch. Really, all these modern things will have no meaning when listening to these sounds of beautiful data loss, perfectly capturing the essence and love for authenticity and perhaps gorgeous imperfection. ‘If we could just turn back time…’ and that’s exactly what we can do! Go back in time and hear this release over at the following old school ancient link:

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2 Responses to Mono Syntax – Data Transfer 386

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    You know that feeling, that you watch a movie and near the end it suddenly strikes you: you have seen that movie already!

    Well, I had that with this recordings. At the first track it was “ah nice bubbly blips, I like that” and at #3 I realized “hey this is that other album of that guy (or girl) who used a pin up kinda model on the album cover art and got me distracted on what I could expect and I did like it anyways. And then I listened to that other album and I liked it just as much or maybe even more”. And this is that other album. Oh damn, I thought for a second I was losing my marbles. But I didn’t have any in the first place, so you can’t loose what you ain’t got. Or as it’s said in the lowlands: you can’t pluck feathers from a naked frog. Ha, no, because frogs have no feathers, chicken have feathers! And here’s no chicken!

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