Jan Strach – 2016

artist: Jan Strach
title: 2016
keywords: polish rock experimental lo-fi odd meter polska pop post-punk progressive Poznań

Jan Strach is leveling his music up a lot of notches with the release of his latest EP. In general it’s a hot brew of lo-to mid-fi experimental pop rock casio orgasms of sweet happiness, with enough tracks to feel it enlightening your soul with joy.

It starts with the bizarrely dreamy ‘250 kg’ which feels on one side as if we have jumped on board of a train to dreamland and the captain is deliciously throwing magic dust into our ears to make sure we make it to the end destination… A place with much more craziness then imagined!

Beaver Passant is the tune to shake your ass with, a thing to attract happy beavers. And when you find one of your liking and the beaver likes what it sees, to do a jolly beaver and ass dance together! This might be a crazy way to describe music, but the music fits it perfectly! It’s a happy go lucky limbo of groove, sexy idiotic folk fun that will make you feel like meeting up forest creatures (if you aren’t into beavers, there are other options to show your swinging bum..) and invite them for a jolly session of freedom of expression. And all funny things aside that you could do when this tune plays; the core is that it will make you happy, smiling and perhaps while in a super good mood laughing hysterically! A source with multiple health benefits according to certain yoga masters!

Wasc Gej is bringing the good side of lo-fi casio punk out in the open! The vocals are done in the Polish language but if that’s not understandable for you, it is very fine to imagine your own words and meanings. I heard ‘Crystal Meth’ and ‘let’s go B*tch’! Which might or might not be in there, but ah, you’ll probably get the point! Besides it’s a bold raw exposure of energy that rolls out the middle fingers over a red carpet!

Another work is ‘Zielony Mrok Eleonory’ which is completely different again, being more of an organic work. Something that even sounds more lo-fi then the previously exposed music pieces, but at the same time feels as well much more grandiose. It’s as if a happy Dracula plays the music on his favorite pink painted organ to celebrate the coming of a shiny new blue moon.

Warmbacked’ is the extraordinairy part on this release, fuzzy and sizzling in bizarreness that is dipping its toes in pedestal folk, whistling, distant melodies, bleeps, harmonies of the finest craziness, all in a mélange of drunken hardship.

To end this EP in style, Jan Strach brings a very raw but refined sounding ‘Jelen Wyszedl z Tapety, Nie Wiem, Mialem Goraczke’. It has the sharp cuts of analogue psychedelic guitar works recorded on the dark side of the moon, with the good companionship of dreamy lightweight candy that sparkles itself all over it. In concrete ways you might call this the transition from dreamland to wake-up land.
Lovely and happy crazy stuff!

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12 Responses to Jan Strach – 2016

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    Beaver all the way! Chacha cha chacha chaaa! The chicken can wait, beavers make it late! Chacha chaaa chacha chaaa!

  2. janstrach says:

    Dammit, WordPress massacred my facebook embed. Try that link!

  3. janstrach says:

    Grrr fuck all of that. I took a screenshot.

  4. janstrach says:

    Ok but if you click on it it works

  5. janstrach says:

    Ok it works now anyway

  6. janstrach says:

    I like pycnopods

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