Alex Spalding – Acetate

Artist: Alex Spalding
title: Acetate
keywords: electronic avant-garde chillout electro shoegaze Springfield

Outrageously stretched out beauty will warm welcome you within the grey mist in which Alex Spalding hopes you won’t see the workings of his music. The cables, wires and techniques are carefully hidden in grayness, but once you have found the entrance to the audio, the prettiness might be kind and overwhelming. It might as well be said that it takes control of all of your senses, draping them around your neck like the soft hands of a masseuse who knows what to do.

Alex Spalding has this touch of something that you might claim as ‘experimental open minded soft post synth lovers rock’ over here, it has this handmade flair of pure feelings, a brew of a mystifying order that is spreading pure sunshine sparkles deep within (and all over) a lucky listener’s brain.
The many massage techniques applied, the more you will that the music will lead you through the lanes of spiritual awakening. This doesn’t mean you need your eyes open, as this is all about your heart, aura, and third eye (that doesn’t even have eyelids to close or open).

The loving flow of kindness isn’t one just made out of pure ambient material; there is enough heavy weight and rock attitude to wobble your toes along with. But in general the works are neatly waved in a certain togetherness that feels like many strings from wool, perfectly waved into each other to form a well knitted scarf that protects from any cold breeze.

Even the biggest stompers could be easily found sitting next to a saucy sounding chill out space jazz work, it’s a technique that obviously is made to chill the listeners out, until they are reaching a state of bliss: A state that is easily found when giving these tracks hidden in the grayness a good and grey spin.

The synthesizer sauce that in general feels like the nicest glue that keeps the many works in such a nice shape, are coming across like a warm melted ball of the finest vanilla ice that swims around in a pool of sweet hot chocolate sauce… Every bit on this album is one to lick your mouth off for, and its best if you have a really long tongue like that Kiss guy, as there is just too much to lick and like over here.

I’ve been doing ‘office’ stuff over here while this album played, and for somehow the office stuff had been reduced to space particles, as the music had relaxed me in such a way that I could only stare at the piles of work and try to move them by my mind into the large shredder. This music is so chill that even a shouting boss in your ear will have no meaning anymore. Welcome to the grey-zone of Alex Spalding, a place that is warm and kind, and takes over your senses with certain psychological certainness.

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1 Response to Alex Spalding – Acetate

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    Aha, now I think I found the silent shy, invisible guy from the corner. The guy that secretly takes over too much of your private space, but you won’t care because it goes so nice and slowly, nearly unnoticeable. Very subtle, very smooth. Before you know it, you’ll end up in a romantic bathtub.. (

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