Hey Exit – As Nights Breathe

Artist: Hey Exit
title: As Nights Breathe
keywords: experimental ambient equinox free improv funereal guitar harsh noise improv moon noise spring vertebrae water Brooklyn

This release starts when you release the first track upon your ears. It is not a instant assault so feel safe to press play and settle yourself slowly into it. The track is named ‘Our Ceiling Repairs’ and is a slow paced work of guitar strings sporadically teasing the ears in a way that it seems to remind of a death march. It takes the time, and feels as if it does its things for a lengthy period, while actually in reality it’s not at all that long. Might this be a case of music mixed with black hole technique in which time and space become strangely irrelevant?

Then there is ‘An American Flower’ which also seems to play with the concept of taking the time, making it an release of music to sit back with and hear in a way that is most comfortable. It’s not wrong to say that this theme of taking the time and playing with ‘the timing of the time’ is a prominent one on the whole EP. Strange thing is that even though things are seemingly long, they are also so short; making the music pass by before you are able to realize how they have passed by without your knowledge. I guess the music is kind of hypnotic in that sense, calming playing with the mind little games that as an end goal seems to slow all the thinking patterns of ones own in to a sublime slow motion.

The music is not all bright, and perhaps that’s probably as well a good reason why the black hole music conspiracy came to my mind, but in general the shining sound of these tracks are the more dominant ones, severely satisfying the brain with its finest trickery of guitar based strange ambient structures in which it’s easy to lose oneself for the sole purpose of complete relaxation in the most slow heartbeat inducing way.

But… Not everything is what it seems. As when the release reaches that point of pure indulging relaxedness, the sound becomes suddenly more noised up, a sharper distinctive sound that slips in with no warning. A sensible relaxed subdued listener’s heart might be like an apple and the music ‘a snake’ that had slowly wrapped itself around it and then suddenly takes a enormous bite from the music consumer.

It’s a wake up call, or perhaps a message to never put yourself into sleeping mode or give yourself completely by lowering all your senses. Music is powerful and this release is a powerful anesthetic that seems harmless and easy to trust, until it bites you back to reality.

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1 Response to Hey Exit – As Nights Breathe

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    It was really waiting till the last seconds to see that “harsh” tag being justified. The birds and dogs in the neighborhood blended perfectly with the ambiance of the bird that got stuck on the ceiling.

    I inspect and inspect. Beak, feathers, wings. But it’s missing the plump of a chicken, the lobes dripping on the sides of the beak. And above all, chickens hardly make it till the ceiling when flapping around. I’ve seen them doing nearly 2 meters, but that’s about it…. The quest continues!

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