Sam And The Womp – Fireflies

Artist: Sam and the Womp
title: Fireflies
keywords: womp, dub, ska, wompstep, brass, pop, party

Goodmorning / evening / night / afternoon (pick one that fits your situation) and welcome at this wonderful time of the day. It’s going to be a lot lovelier when you see and hear the brand new tune and eye candy filled video for it. But first things first: Yesterday the tune was exclusively heard first on the Moon; the global dominant big bright light in the sky that moths and fireflies are attracted too, just like Winnie the Pooh that simply can’t seem to stay away from the honey inside a honeypot.
Of course many of the fireflies got a big surprise when they flew into the moon; a few burns, a couple of them dimmed their lights…
But positively seen the scene of burned wings and falling (but still glowing bodies) was a feast for the eye for every stargazer peeking through their binoculars. Luckily not all fireflies had made it into the moon flames, but returned back to earth to miraculously fall into the backseat of a already driving limousine. This was not a coincidence as it was all part of our secret plan…
The limousine brought these glowing friends to our finest location, a place in which a glowing carpet had been rolled out for them to fly over. With neon signs they had been welcomed to their very own non-exclusive exclusive super mega premiere of Sam and the Womp’s Fireflies, right here at the YIKIS headquarters!
And what a jolly good surprise that you are here too! Please don’t hesitate to pour yourself a nice beverage, show yourself to the awaited paparazzi, and continue to step right in, as indeed your time of the day is the perfect time of the day! In fact you are right on time for the fireflies’ party! Did someone already offer you a golden fireflies flyer at the entrance? No? Don’t worry we’ll arrange one later… Please, please step in… Follow the V.I.P. fireflies that fly in front of you…
Have some free popcorn, let the make-up crew (on our costs) do you a free make-over to fit the neon lights that are brighting the place up and when ready; please take a seat on one of the beautiful soft seats that will complement your derriere by giving it a perfect glow.If you are ready, and the surprised surviving fireflies at the front row too; we will dim the room lights even a bit darker and (with your exclusive special help) we will play, watch and view the special non-exclusive exclusive Sam and the Womp – Fireflies video together!! The video is waiting for your V.I.P’s magical fingers to click upon:

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2 Responses to Sam And The Womp – Fireflies

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    All those fireflies, catchy as hell! Actually wanted to stay at the beaver but I just got magnetically pulled into this happy dreamscape. I didn’t arrive here to get decision-stress over the bestest summer tune of 2016. I came here in search of chicken! (I do dig the make up deal tho)

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