SONIC the hedge – sonic BROOM!!!

artist: SONIC the hedge
title: sonic BROOM!!!
keywords: acoustic disgusting extratone fast filth gross memes nightcore really fast sonic the hedgehog vaporwave weird Niger
label: pritch records
reviewer: Simon Hit

Sonic the Hedge will drive the essence of speed over the hedge! The super hero does this by bringing you the speedy album that is so speedy that roadrunner seems to run like the slowest turtle, and Sonic the Hedgehog (like a true imposter) running around at the same speed of a slippery snail.

If you need speed,you’ll need this Sonic Broom, as there is no seedier speed sensation as the stuff on this release. And this ‘Sonic Broom’ might be the only right tool to swipe it all in your hearing system in a most sufficient way!

Speed; You know you want and you know you need it! Besides speed of these speedy speeds comes with additional benefits; things like distortion, the glorious sounds of extra tone and chipmunk voices who are also on speed themselves…

Music that is so speedy is also good material to listen for brainy people, the ones who have no time to listen to things slowly as their brains are just eager to capture everything in a speedy way. Brains that can capture things more speedier then the average brain…

Intellectuals also might join in the fun of injecting the speed music in rapid speed in their ears for a speedy listening session in which things like ‘music’ is so speedy that it almost runs away from its own existence of being actually music.

If you can you should have viewed this review with a very speedy look, and processed it ever so speedier. I wrote it in rapid speed too, just to keep the flow and vibe of Sonic the Hedge’s Sonic Broom up and running in tremendous speedy ways!

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1 Response to SONIC the hedge – sonic BROOM!!!

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    Finding the background picture more disturbing than the music. But it’s lacking beaver. And chicken.

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