STRTSPHR – Beauty with a Dog (feat. music by Lezet)

artist: STRTSPHR – Beauty with a Dog (feat. music by
keywords: short, experimental, cute, video, beauty, dog, music,
words by: Arno Nonymous

Hey! Psst! Hey… yes you!

How are you today? Feeling fine? Are you in a hurry to get into the weekend?
Do you have a minute to spare? In need for something short and sweet? Fancy something with a dog in the middle that isn’t an edible hot dog? Want to watch a video? Hear some short but intriguing music? Feel like looking at a screen and seeing things when audio is playing?

Might I recommend this little but cute video done by STRTSPHR?
Along with the music by the always spectacular sounding Lezet?

Well even if I might not, and you couldn’t care less,
I’ll do it any way, as your in my kitchen and you can eat whatever, or just leave it for someone else to consume…
But whatever you do, don’t eat the dog in the pot.
Anyway, back to the video… There is not a lot to talk about as the title says it all…
Here it is, take it or leave it; but it’s recommended to take it as it’s ‘a beauty and a dog’ with music done by Lezet! These three things combined should be irresistible:

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1 Response to STRTSPHR – Beauty with a Dog (feat. music by Lezet)

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    That was indeed an adorable quicky. ❤ It did featured a dog. Chicken has a dog or 2. But this was a chick, not a chicken. And not enough dog. So…. let's peek around the corner for more.

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