Joseph Strength Audio – Room For More Sound

Artist: Joseph Strength Audio
title: Room For More Sound
format: CD / digital
keywords: experimental everything w yrself in the middle    Breakcore, Drum n Bass, Gabber, Spoken Word, Power Electronics, Rhythmic Noise

A bizarre feverish dream of unexpected happenings, a place in which anything could happen and does happen, is what this fired up collection of sampled based action seems to be firing up the ears. It’s a funfair for the hearing receiver; a crazy sample based production that even though the many puzzling puzzle pieces used, sounds as smooth as it is electrifyingly adventurous. This might be coming from a struggling creative person, as we all know; how more one is in trouble; the better the music expression goes & this one is pretty much far out in the mind blowing kind of way.

From one moment into the next, this courageously well done album will deliver nothing that you had experienced before, while at the same time being a feast of recognition. It’s a work of opposites, of things you never thought would work together that are now made to work well together: A blending product of the sonic arts that might as well be the spice of life in hearing form. Or perhaps its a savior!


20 tracks full of sounds packed in collagecore artwork by Angelica Swamp

This is a case of expecting the unexpected, and at the same time being surprised how the unexpected things come across as expected. It simply all makes sense here, while in reality you just know it really shouldn’t. In this case the album that bursts from one epic aspect into another is something that is bursting of audio culture & counts of genius (even classic Microsoft windows sounds are hiding in there).

There are freaky beats, spearheading speeches, strange mutation sounds, chopped up and cut n paste goodies, effectively active materials that can sound angry, bright, or troubled. It’s a case of an album that might not have been conceived by someone just doing something, this one is intensive. Made as if someone’s life and sanity was depending on it, and being in such a weird state that would be normally ‘the unthinkable’ had become ‘thinkable’ & workable.

The results are pretty much unlike any other collage, a hot and psychotic brew that is pretty much a hectic but organized construction of chaos and strange order. I can’t say it any differently; this is one of these one-of-a-life-time albums that just gets everything right, bursting of sounds and in a flow that might blow some peoples mind!

The Room For More Sound reissue is now out and it is featuring brand new packaging with collages made by Angelica Swämp. And to top it off, it’s remastered by Wil Rossi for the optimal audio experience! Please invest in a copy as there obviously went a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this one:

for a pre-listen

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1 Response to Joseph Strength Audio – Room For More Sound

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    It was quite a trip for the ears! At the start I recognized some phrases of my own ‘record collection’ (it’s merely cd). Then it went more and more in the blender and it was hard to keep a grip of where it would be going. Not as harsh for the ears as expected, but it was quite exhausting. As is this searching for chicken. I’m about to give up. I’m ready for a chill. A lunch brake/break would do me well after all that heavy ear velocity… And then, I’ll just hope for the best, after my rest, if I like the next audio nest.

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