HuorrouH – F-Words

artist: HuorrouH
title: F-Words
keywords: electronic experimental rock classical guitar Denmark

I wish we had the budget to get the whole Sesame-street cast of characters together to tell you all (with an educational song and a dance) about the letter ‘F’. But we don’t have the time nor the budget, and that’s why we are going for the best option after that: Huorrouh.

Of course our youthful minds aren’t the quickest so with this session teacher Huorrouh will teach us four F words. Flat, Friends, Free and Fatal. Repeat after me please; Flat …. , friends ……. , free …. , fatal …. Really good! Well done! Excellent! Now that we have the educational part out of the way, shall we hear the music that comes with each new learned F words?

Let’s start with ‘Flat’ Earth, which Huorrouh perfectly serenades with lovingly playing the guitar and drums. In the beginning it’s the sound of wonder, and then the sound of knowledge. Clearly depicted by a difference of the use of distortion and not the use of distortion. At the end it feels as if Huorrouh melts both ideas together and spreads the love and acceptance of the world being flat in pure and pretty acoustics. Are we loving this kids? …. Though so!

Let’s get to the next F word that we have learned. F from Friends. And this gets of course it’s own excellent rocket of a educational tune named
Friends With The Devil! It’s an excellent song educating you about the friendship with the devil, always noisy to what you have been up to, if you had done some sinner stuff lately. It’s also warning you to be a but careful when going for such a friendship as friendships are never easy, especially when it’s one with the devil. The music is a great rocker though, so kids we all might be head banging along as a reword for the educational session! Thick drums, epic guitar riffs and the sincere educational voice of Huorrouh himself!

The next F word that we have learned is ‘Free’. And the song that Huorrouh uses to celebrate the expansion of our knowledge of words is ‘Free Music’. It’s not a song with words, but it’s done with music only. Free music to be precise… It doesn’t sound cheap at all, in fact it reminds me a bit of good old quality big name Tom Waits without the lo-fi smoke and gin vibe. It has something that has something cynical about it while still being top notch melodic and pleasant to the ears. A thing that sounds sad and happy at the same time, probably depicting that free music is a happy thing as music can be freely enjoyed by all, yet it also means that the musician might be starving strumming away while nibbling on the back end of its guitar. Free Music, might be just as educational as all the F words that we have learned today!

The last F word was…. Remember? Yes! It was Fatal!
And this word will be getting a music shape by HuorruoH performing Fatal Woman.
Move all the chairs aside, get ready to jump on the tables and be free to let your hairs (wear a wig if bald) bang in the air. This is a song so passionate about a woman breaking a heart into fatality. Perfectly captured with heavy guitar, passionate singing that makes you feel like listening to a real rockstar that rocks the ears in our humble little virtual classroom of F words!

Of course the session for today with all the HuorrouH songs might be finished, but I would like to use the opportunity to add one more word to the session of today. The F word is Felicitation! As believe me or not… It’s HuorrouH’s birthday today!


^ Happy Birthday HuorrouH!

And he took the time to come here and celebrate this with you by teaching you all these new F words! It’s best to send him some love back, enjoy his songs and music and be very free to felicitate him on this happy day!

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1 Response to HuorrouH – F-Words

  1. flinda says:

    Fantastic, fascinating, formulated foreword from friendly filibuster from far!

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